#5 Pushed ball from the table

Bat Guano

I come here straight from a game of Snooker, where I had to play the green ball but chose my angle too steep. The ball hit the bank violently and rolled over to disappear. I instinctively even turned the table to see if it ... I don't know... "rolls over the floor" or something. :-)

But instead, I was accorded the point for the green ball and the game continued, as if I had been successful.


  • Holger Schäkel

    Holger Schäkel - 2011-12-19
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Holger Schäkel

    Holger Schäkel - 2011-12-19

    Oh yes, thats a bug that exists in originally foobillard too:-((

    Until now I can't find this mistake in the calculations of the corresponding file (evaluate_move.c). There is much work left - even more for the billiards rules! The old code is a little bit messy, but I do my best to generate readable new code for it.

    Please wait. This bug stays longer open........ unfortunately.....

  • Bat Guano

    Bat Guano - 2011-12-20

    Had I known, that it is a known bug, I would not have mentioned it. The situation can still be handled and is not frequent.

  • Bat Guano

    Bat Guano - 2012-01-08

    I want to verify, if another of my observations is correct.
    If I am not hallucinating, the cue-ball can "jump" (vertically) upon hitting anything violently. This is very realistic and if it is not related to the other bug, PSE try to keep that as a feature.