#31 Causes Hangs with Common Dialogs in Chrome (possibly others)


If you run Chrome and do something that causes a common dialog to open (eg a Save File dialog), then Chrome will hang if Folder Size is installed (whether you click Save or Cancel). I’ve only noticed this in Chrome so far, but since it appears to be a common dialog issue for dialogs that have file/folder lists, it may occur in other apps as well. If you remove the ColumnHandler entry for Folder Size from the HKCR\Folder key, then there is no problem, even if the rest of FS’s reg entries are present and the service is running. If you put the ColumnHandler entry back, then the issue comes back.

In addition to disabling Folder Size for certain drive types, you may want to allow the user to disable Folder Size for common dialogs and only enable them in Explorer, similar to the way that TortoiseSVN allows you to disable their icon overlays for common dialogs; at least until the problem can be fixed.



  • Synetech

    Synetech - 2009-04-28
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  • Synetech

    Synetech - 2009-04-28
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  • Brio

    Brio - 2009-11-22

    Interesting! I've always really liked that Folder Sizes are displayed in the common dialogs - that's a major win with the shell integration approach. I've seen the integration work in many apps, so Chrome sounds like an exception. Rather than disable it, I'd rather find out why it doesn't work, and fix it.
    Unfortunately, I don't run XP anymore...

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    Anonymous - 2010-08-09

    Does this also fix the issue with uploading in Chrome?


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