#13 Prevention of unmount of removable devices


Foldersize appears to latch onto and prevent dismount
of USB and Firewire storage devices. While I have
not observed and data corruption, the possibility may
exist, and the user is prevented from being certain
that all data has been flushed to/from the device
prior to removal, as they receive a perpetual "device
cannot be removed" message. Stopping the foldersize
service allows a proper dismount to proceed prior to
device removal.

(Brian, this is what we conversed about via email a
few weeks ago. I just came across the project page
and figured the issue should appear here as well, in
case another contributor has input on how to tacke
such an odd issue).


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    If you go to the Services tool and restart the service, it
    will then allow you to remove the device.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Hello there,
    I'm having the same kind of problem because I use lots of
    external drives. I usely kill folder size and restart the
    service as needed. The fact that fs doesn't keep track of
    volume "content" (a sort of file to save enough info to not
    have to check every folder, for instance ones that haven't
    have recent activity) is a sort of drag and lately due to
    increased size and number of files it's been causing me
    explorer trouble.

  • Allyn Malventano

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    To the last entry:
    The last version (2.3) of foldersize included code to
    correct this exact issue. It cleared up my own, but there
    may be something related to the number of drives you have.
    Please verify you have the current version installed, and
    if so, try to elaborate on the issue here.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    One gets the same message when trying to unmount e.g. a PGP encrypted volume - in this case it's really a security issue, as one tries to keep the encrypted volume open (and exposed) for the minimum length of time, and close (unmount) it after using it -- the only solutions appear to stop the service, or to reboot ....

  • annorax

    annorax - 2010-04-14

    This issue was indeed resolved in version 2.3 and was completely gone in version 2.4.

    Unfortunately, it's back now in version 2.5. I'm using folder size 2.5 on Win XP Pro SP3 (32 bit) and hardly ever am I able to "safely remove" my removable drives without stopping the Folder Size service first.

    This is a major regression bug. It eclipses all the bugs that were fixed by this version, and compels me to downgrade to 2.4.

    Would appreciate a fix :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It happens to me too and I have found a workaround.

    I use "Unlocker" (http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/) to free the mounted drive from FolderSize and voilá.


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