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Free Open FTP Face / News: Recent posts

FOFF Makes Magazine

I'm proud to announce that FOFF has the better of a full page in the September 2006 issue of the UK Linux magazine "Linux Format" ( On page 38, editor Mike Sanders starts off this month's "Hot Picks" with FOFF.

This is a great personal achievement of mine and also for the project. Thank you all FOFF users out there for your feedback, helping me make what will be a great FTP client.... read more

Posted by Jeffrey Bakker 2006-09-13

FOFF for Windows Standalone

Free Open FTP Face, in its latest version (0.99.5), is now available in Windows .exe format. The advantage is not requiring to install python, pygtk, and pymedia. GTK+ runtime for windows is still required, however.

Get GTK+ runtime for Windows:

Get FOFF 0.99.5 here (all versions): read more

Posted by Jeffrey Bakker 2006-06-15

FOFF, in Stereo

The latest release contains the largest ChangeLog so far, including a new built-in audio player. Now you can preview files before/after transferring them, or create a playlist while you do your FTP thing.

The audio player is optional, and is not the greatest new feature either, but makes for a hot topic. There are many improvements that you can see for yourself by viewing the ChangeLog and downloading it here:... read more

Posted by Jeffrey Bakker 2006-06-11

Release of the Beast

On a date as rarely occurring as today, another FOFF release has been made, specially branded as the "evil beta". The timing couldn't be more perfect, since FOFF is growing out of the "uber beta" stage and on it's way closer to stable.

This latest release is, like the rest very significant, as each release is almost like a development milestone in a project's early stages. Every release offers more bugfixes and new features on top of the last.... read more

Posted by Jeffrey Bakker 2006-06-07

Project and Website Launched

Being a brand new project on Source Forge, The website for Free Open FTP Face has recently been launched. The enitre design was coughed up overnight (using inkscape, the Gimp, and notepad), but looks decent enough so it's a keeper.

FOFF has already had two releases (uber beta) even before the arrival of the website. It is useable in its current state, but needs some fixing up.

Posted by Jeffrey Bakker 2006-05-31