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New Release: 0.6.0

This new version of FOA has a Multi-Channel feature that allows you to generate print and web versions just maintaining a single XSL-T.
Other features are:
Variable Sets and Parameters
FO and Rendering using Makefiles
Brick Matching Inspection
Export Style Sets into CSS

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2003-12-02

New Release: 0.5.0

- New Bricks:
- Footnotes
- Floats
- External (Foreign) Objects
- Leaders
- New Support:
- Table Caption
- Hyphenation
- Background Image

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2003-02-11

New Update: 0.4.1

- font selection enhanced with system fonts
- new behaviour for length related properties insertion

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2002-10-16

New Release: 0.4.0

New Release: 0.4.0
- Absolute Positioning Brick
- Page Number Formats and Counting
- Added US Page Formats
- Fixed bugs for JDK 1.4
- Fixed page/content sequence bugs

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2002-10-04

New Release: 0.3.0

FOA is the world's first XSL-FO Authoring tool. It is a Java application that gives users a graphical interface to author XSL-FO stylesheets. With FOA you can generate pages, page sequences and fill them with content provided into one or more XML files.

New Features:
- Complex Table Brick (Body, Header/Footer)
- Page Number Brick
- Multiple Headers/Footers for each Page Sequence
- Compliant with the XSL 1.0 REC

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2002-06-27

New Release: 0.2.2

Patch Release:

Bugs Fixed:
- Attribute File Sets creation problem with paths (/)
- Matching, Selection Dialog disabled when you want to abort selection
- Confirmation on XML and Attribute file closing (changed icons)
- Command Run Dialog hangs up when the error stream is full. This was causing FOA to enter in a loop when e.g. FOP was sending messages on the ErrorStream. Without this patch could be impossible to generate the preview !!... read more

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2002-03-01

New Release: 0.2.0

New version available: 0.2.0
- support for tables
- interactive preview
- see the document preview with browsing capabilities
- modify Bricks and attibutes and see the effects
- customized FOP version to deal with the preview

Posted by Fabio Giannetti 2002-01-31