#12 Changed include does not cause "not modified" files changed

Jason Vogel

If you change an include file but not the file with the
include AND have the don't touch unmodified file flag set
to true, then the change is not picked up.



  • Dániel Dékány

    • summary: Changed include does not cause "not modified" files changed --> Changed include does not cause "not modified" files changed
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Dániel Dékány

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    That's a documented behaviour (see settings.html, "Skipping
    unchanged files"), which admittedly sux. Unfortunatelly it is technically
    hard to track these dependencies... it require a separate persistent
    dependency storage. I don't think I will implement this in the near future.
    For many projects "--skip-unchanged=static" is usable only. And even if I
    track #includes (a little FreeMarker hacking needed...), similar problem
    occurs when you change the files/databases that store the "data" you
    display, which is, in practically, almost impossible to track.

  • Dániel Dékány

    • assigned_to: nobody --> ddekany
  • Jason Vogel

    Jason Vogel - 2003-04-30

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    I completely agree about the database issues. You could
    track the filename (including the path) along with the datetime
    stamp of file in some sort of config file, and if that file
    changes, then the include changes, so the file changes.

    I know this is a nice to have, but it's worth considering I
    think. Basically, store all store all the include file names,
    walk the list to check for changes, and then ...

    Just an idea,



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