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Wondering where examples of how to use FMJ are?

Well, FMJ uses the same API as JMF, so many JMF examples that are available online will work.

Posted by newsmonkey 2007-10-03

Troubleshooting tip of the day for FMJ

Pay attention to the log and see whether JMF is in the classpath, because if JMF is installed, you are primarily using JMF with some additions from FMJ. If you experince problems, you may want to uninstall JMF

Posted by newsmonkey 2007-10-03

FMJ has added a multipart/x-mixed-replace multiplexer

This allows it to stream MJPEG video like many webcams do

Posted by newsmonkey 2007-10-03

The next task for FMJ is going to be encoding

FMJ has focussed so far primarily on playback, but encoding is next.

Posted by newsmonkey 2007-10-03

FMJ is working on a media streaming server

Able to stream media and transcode on the fly, including live media from capture devices.

Posted by newsmonkey 2007-10-03

FMJ is working on a transcoder application

It isn't ready, but in CVS you can try FmjTranscoder

Posted by newsmonkey 2007-10-03

ffmpeg-java fixes for Windows

Release ffmpeg-java-20070916-0351 now has windows compatibility.

Notes from Stephan Goetter:

Very good documentation how to setup build environment (msys and mingw) and how to build ffmpeg on windows can be found here:

The ffmpeg builts provided at have worked too, but some image codec/format were missing.

Posted by Ken Larson 2007-09-16

IP cameras, applets, JMF compatibility, improved performance

The next release of FMJ, fmj-20070914-1234, is now available for download.

- Support for many MJPEG IP cameras.
- Applet support for basic playback
- Timing improvements
- Improve video playback performance by reducing unnecessary copying of video image data
- Much better compatibility with JMF, if JMF is ahead of FMJ in the classpath
- Improved video capture device performance from lti-civil... read more

Posted by Ken Larson 2007-09-14

Simple standalone video player for ffmpeg-java

For testing, ffmpeg-java now includes a simple video player that does not use JMF/FMJ.

It is very simple for now, does not have correct timing or sound, but it is a start.

Get the latest ffmpeg-java release, and try something like;

java -cp ./ffmpeg-java.jar:./lib/jna.jar net.sf.ffmpeg_java.example.PlayerExample

Posted by Ken Larson 2007-08-29

Pure Java theora support

I've just released fmj-20070828-1154 of the FMJ project (open-source implementation of JMF).

The highlight of this release is that it now has pure Java ogg/vorbis/theora decoding, so that regardless of OS and native libraries, theora videos will always play with FMJ. The native libraries (implemented in a prior release) will be used if available, however, with better performance of course.

This theora support is achieved by using the LGPL jheora library from fluomotion.... read more

Posted by Ken Larson 2007-08-28

Release fmj-20070823-1047

Release fmj-20070823-1047 is now available for download.

- integration of ffmpeg-java
- integration of theora-java
- license is now LGPL
- a number of bug fixes.

See the README for more information about getting FMJ to use ffmpeg, theora, and gstreamer.

Posted by Ken Larson 2007-08-23