#715 menus don't align properly after style change


When changing styles, the size of the menu often changes, so submenus become detached. I'm not sure what the appropriate behavior is, but I don't think this is it. I've had some thoughts on it, and I'd like to see some commentary about this.

1. We could keep the root menu in the same location and just move all submenus to line up properly. My main concern with this is that the mouse will no longer be on top of the same menuitem. In fact, if the menus are near the edge of the monitor, it may not even be close.

2. We could keep the mouse on top of the same menu item (if the mouse was used to change the style, that is), and move everything else accordingly. My concern with this is that we may encounter a situation where the root menu is supposed to be fixed at a specific location. For example, if somebody was using it like the start menu in Windows, this behavior would be inappropriate.

Maybe the best behavior is some combination of the two, or something else entirely.


  • Julien Trolet

    Julien Trolet - 2007-03-12

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    I was thinking more on the line of moving the mouse with the menu that way it keeps the mouse over the menu and keeps the initial menu where it was.

  • OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase - 2007-03-18

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    For the issue of changing the style via the mouse within the styles menu, a solution is perhaps to have a fixed position for the styles menu, which could be user-defined, and disallow mouse clicking within this menu and only allow mouse-wheeling through the menu. That way the position of the mouse would be irrelevant.

  • Thomas Luebking

    Thomas Luebking - 2016-07-25
    • status: open --> pending-accepted
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  • Thomas Luebking

    Thomas Luebking - 2016-07-30
    • status: pending-accepted --> closed-fixed
    • Group: v1.3.5 --> v1.4.0
  • Thomas Luebking

    Thomas Luebking - 2016-07-30

    commit 5e08a23f6ca77586aa8662ed19d2a6282848e10f


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