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FLSC Player / News: Recent posts

FLSC Player 2.3 Beta

The player v.2.3b is ready to be uploaded.
New features:

"Now playing" - showing current song streaming, and is constantly updated.

Design your own look, logo and put it into the player.
This is currently only for the background of the player, the controls and such is not movable.
But for you creative souls, this could come in very handy.
Make the player look like your webpage etc.

Coming soon:
"Admin interface" to log in and change stream properties.
mysql stream info storage and user/dj registration.... read more

Posted by kroider911 2008-02-08

Project Registered

Project registered at Sourceforge.
Next stage will be designing mySQL database for user and stream info content and then connecting things together.
I hope i will have my first full test in a few weeks.

Posted by kroider911 2007-10-04