Gee Starr - 2007-04-17

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Another thought: I think a large part of the confusion in the feedback I am receiving is because the "roll-over" area does not work conventionally.

I.e., the user expectation is: When the pointer enters a roll-over area, an item appears. When the pointer exits a roll-over area, the item disappears.

In 1.16, this is not the case. When the pointer enters the roll-over area, the menu appears. If the pointer then moves out of the roll-over area and stays within the movie (e.g., moves out via the left, top, or bottom edge of the menu), the menu disappears. But if the user moves outside of the movie (e.g., moves out via the right edge of the menu), the menu stays visible. Users have to move the pointer back into the movie, but outside the roll-over area to make the menu disappear.

Most users do not distinguish the movie from the rest of the page, so they think the menu is broken. Some notice the button and quickly go to click it. The menu turns off when the pointer re-enters the movie, but users have already committed to clicking, so it only turns the menu back one again, which starts a feedback loop.

Fixing the roll-over so that the menu disappears if the pointer exits the movie would help immensely.

That said, I still think providing a roll-over and a button for the same function is confusing for many users, and offer that providing settings to turn off either function would be the best solution.