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Floranta 3.1.1 Improved Bookmark Widgets

Cards used as bookmarks look different even in edit mode, giving the user immediate visual feedback.

The Floranta server's xml interface now removes non-ascii 8-byte characters so that the returned XML is not incorrect.

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2006-01-27

Floranta 3.1.0 Rich Bookmarks

Bookmarks traditionally have too little context. Looking at the bookmarks in a tree is awefully difficult because the info is too dense. You most probably won't remember where an old link leads to.

So, the solution is to use some information that reminds you of its contents before you click on it. So, you might like to leave a short description of the page, or a picture, on the bookmark.

You can see an example in the 'linguistics' project on http://www.floranta.com. That is an example of its use as a study aid.. for keeping research work in an easily accessible place, and for organizing study notes. ... read more

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2005-12-19

Floranta 3.0.0 - AJAX and PHP

The Floranta project has developed a Rich Client Wiki called a GlueWiki. The GlueWiki allows the creation of sticky notes on any webpage (even plain-old html webpages) as demonstrated at http://www.floranta.com .

Floranta 3.0.0 is the first release of the Floranta collaboration system to feature an AJAX-based user interface. The PHP server uses an XML communication protocol that can be processed by the Javascript XMLHttpRequest object.... read more

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2005-10-11

Floranta 2.0.0 released

The 2.0.0 release of the Floranta client enables the creation of collages from pictures and of cartoons using the cartoon strip board which allows the collaborative placement of cartoon images and balloons and the creation of stories around the characters in the pictures.

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2005-06-08

Cartoon Collages

Creating cartoon strips is now as easy as manipulating puppets. The demo on http://www.agileplace.com shows how story lines can be woven into a play of characters' expressions to make a funny cartoon. The parts of a cartoon are blended together from graphics and text and put together using the floranta collaboration tools. This feature is available as of client version 2.0.0.

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2005-06-08

TWiki Plugin for Floranta eXtreme Programming Tools

Since there has been a lot of demand from users of the eXtreme Planning game tools at the demo site http://www.agileplace.com, for a tool that they could install within a corporate intranet, we have created a TWiki plugin for the Floranta online sticky notes software. Now, you can leave sticky notes and embed chat clients anywhere within a TWiki page.

The FlorantaPlugin.zip file unzips into a TWiki install and comes with fairly detailed Installation instructions. It should be possible for anyone who has installed or worked with a TWiki before to install and use it.

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2005-04-26

eXtreme Programming Collaboration Tools

The Floranta project has just reached an important milestone in our attempt to build tools for supporting online eXtreme Programming planning games. eXtreme Programmers can now use Floranta collaborative clients to create index cards, drop them on tables, group them into iterations, modify and move them, online as it they were on a table, and see them move in real time from different locations. There is a demo at http://www.agileplace.com. It should be possible to use the demo site to conduct planning games for open source projects.

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2005-03-09

PHP server with mySQL database backend

Prashant has moved the floranta backend entirely from flat files to a mySQL database-based solution. In the process, he ported the entire server from perl to php. The port not only looks incredibly elegant, but the new backend also makes the code way smaller and potentially many magnitudes more efficient.

The PHP port facilitates floranta's integration with session management systems in PHP, and solves many scalability and performance issues.

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2004-11-01

Collaboration and content stick to and stay in your cafe

Has the ability to support localized bulletin boards, with the content automatically determined and keyed to the geographical location of the user.

In other words, the content is local to, created in, and customized for each physical location/building/cafe the users may be in.

The chat client in this mode will only allow people in the same office or cafe to chat with one another. The message board will only allow people to post messages to one another within the cafe.... read more

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2004-10-21

Floranta Shop Window and Message Board Collaboration Tools

Floranta offers two new applet clients for collaboration on a website: a collaborative Shop Window based on the 'Metamorphosis' panorama viewer by Ruediger Appel, and a real-time Message Board that can be embedded anywhere with just a few alterations to static web templates.

Imagine standing in the lobby of Hostelling International, Washington, scanning at the message board for tour groups. You see a message about a group of people going out to see the city at 10 am. There are messages that need to stay up for a day. There are other messages that need to stay on the board for as long as the people who posted them are staying in the hostel. ... read more

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2004-10-03

The Store Window Experience Goes Online

The Floranta shop-window tool is available for download from Sourceforge at (http://floranta.sourceforge.net). The shop-window allows anyone viewing the webpage to chat with anyone else doing the same. The shop-window also displays the number of people looking at the webpage it is embedded into at any given moment. The product is demonstrated on the project home-page at http://floranta.sourceforge.net.... read more

Posted by Cohan Sujay Carlos 2004-09-20

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