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New Release: FLL 0.4.0

Not much has changed in the 0.3.x branch and therefore a stable series is being released.

The 0.4.x branch has an even minor version number, which means that there will be no API changes and only bug fixes. The only significant difference between 0.4.0 and 0.3.0 is that the 0.4.x has a couple of important fixes for the fll_execute sub-project.

Posted by yerp 2013-08-27

Project Plans

The project has been in use of by my Turtle Kevux distribution.
In particular, I am using the FSS format that the FLL uses for what is called Kit (Kevux Git Package Manager).

I intend to switch over from svn to git.
The svn will be left in whatever state it is in bit for git, the project structure may change.

I also intend to switch to a shorter version release cycle such that the featureless linux library version 1.0.0 will have far fewer of the planned functionality.
The building of my distribution has expanded far more than I expected and I need to better manage my time between the two projects.... read more

Posted by yerp 2012-02-28

Still moving

I have been delayed with trying to Graduate as well as finishing the release of my Linux distribution, Turtle Kevux 0.8.8, which utilizes the FLL project as well as the FSS.
Now that the system is done I am moving my time toward this project once again.

Posted by yerp 2008-04-11

Phase 1, Building 0.1.0 -> Fakefile & Friends

At this time, I am starting the very first coding phase. (as defined on kevux.org for version 0.1.0 of the fll project)

My object is to complete the fakefile system and all of it's dependencies within a few months.

I will be using the building of the fakefile system for my seminar project and so I will have to be finished with this part by a set time.

Being a seminar project, I also be doing a presentation, perhaps I will upload some of the presentation files here, once completed.... read more

Posted by yerp 2007-03-07

And so it begins

I am now starting to code on the project, but once again I am rushing to get something worth showing, so things will not be optimized nor will every specification be made prior to needing them. For the time being, I am creating things as needed.

Posted by yerp 2006-12-29

Project Plans Layed Out

I made a list of everything that is planned.

All that is left for the major planning is that of the individual sub-projects, which will be updated when they reach the developing stage.

I should be changing the stage of this project soon.

Posted by yerp 2006-06-24

Crawling Along

I have been putting time aside to work on the specifications of the project.

I would rather have the specifications on how everything is to be done before I begin any serious coding.

This will also lead into better project management and modularity.

Once I get the specifications at a workable point, I will begin converting the existing sources to this format.

Remember, as noted in a few places, these sources are in themselves to have working examples of what is going on, but in themselves are not entirely useful.... read more

Posted by yerp 2006-04-09

Project Started

I just started the project and I am also new to sourceforge, so I have a little to learn about their interfaces first.

While I am learning the system, I will be starting a wiki and begin laying out the plans for all to see. Hopefully, I will get enough people throwing competent flak at my ideas so I can work out any problems in the theory and design.

Once that is done, I will then begin recruiting for the project. Until then, I will be working on some small easy to do libraries that I can change at the drop of the hat to follow the project specifications, once they are out.... read more

Posted by yerp 2005-06-18

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