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  • Vitor Rodrigues

    Vitor Rodrigues - 2006-12-06

    Hi. Thanks for your great tool. If I'm correct, on your latest version after we select wich pictures we want to download, your app downloads the full size version of the pics.

    It would be nice if we could choose the size that we want to download. The first time I needed this was to generate a photo mosaic. I just need tumbnails to create the mosaic, so having to download all my pics and then convert them was out of question, because of the time and bandwith it would take.

    Other scenarios where I see this is useful is for example when you have bandwith or speed restrictions and want to download your pics just to show them someone or do some work. Most of the times, 1024x768 is a good enough size to slideshow and other apps, thus downloading the full size pic can be just a waste of time.

    Since flickr provides you multiple size versions for the pics, what do you think about this? It should be fairly simple to implement right?


    • Andrew Serff

      Andrew Serff - 2006-12-07

      It's doable but it isn't what flickrbackup was made for.  It's main purpose was to backup your photos incase you lost them.  That being said, if I have time (which I haven't had much lately) I'll try to put it in. 


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