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Project Revived

Dear Community,
finally I had the chance to resume the FlashNuke Project.
It was stopped because of two reasons: I was too young and unexperienced to develop a whole project by myself, and the Macromedia Flash platform did not provide enough features to fit the system requirements.

Things have changed: I have studied a lot, and Adobe released the Flex framework that is specifically made to develop this kind of applications.... read more

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2007-04-19

Project abandoned

I'm sorry but this project has been abandoned.

I don't have the time and the people to take care of this project. I'm working now with Bit Torrent @ PHP Nuke Bit Torrent Project.

If somebody is really intentioned to restart this project, contact me. I could start working at this project then.

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2005-01-28

SWF Inclusions: a stable model is about to be released

We are proud to confirm that Flash Nuke is going to pass to the second phase of its development.
Once we create a stable model of an SWF file "including" in itself another SWF file, we can start definining the FIXED standards for Flash Nuke. Dimensions, basic variables, DB interface and structure, etc.

We'll be still "planning", but we'll look forward to release the first pre-alpha for a stable web portal.... read more

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2004-09-22


Flash Nuke's structure is almost planned. The basic principle it will be foundated on will be "inclusion".
Right, the same used in other Nukes to display multiple blocks inside each page without making a huge scripting file (ie. ASP/PHP).

With Flash, it's very difficult to include Flash Movies inside other Flash Movies, due to the nature of ActionScript itself, wich does not provide explicit inclusion functions.... read more

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2004-07-12

Welcome to Flash Nuke

Flash Nuke Project has just opened!!
Welcome to the new amazing web content management system, all made with Macromedia Flash!

Flash Nuke is intended to be the new way to manage web communities with awesome graphics, very fast load times and unbreackable security!

We need help to start developing this new application. We're looking for (ordered by priority):
1. ActionScript programmers
2. SQL Experts for managing Flash Nuke Database
3. PHP and ASP programmers for backend
4. People good at graphics to make themes... read more

Posted by Antonio Anzivino 2004-06-23

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