#91 32-bit raw input support


Using raw-format input today only 8/16 and 24 bits are supported!
This relates to the "bps=x" command-line option.

However, in your documentation you write, that any raw PCM sample format between 8 and 32 bit integer is supported.

So it would be great, if you could add 32-bit integer support (bps=32).

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  • Josh Coalson

    Josh Coalson - 2008-01-11
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    • assigned_to: nobody --> jcoalson
  • Siyi Deng

    Siyi Deng - 2008-08-10

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    I would like to see this feature too. In fact wavpack can do 32-bit raw pcm so why not flac?

  • Siyi Deng

    Siyi Deng - 2008-08-11

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    Please add 32-bit integer support! Is it really that hard to implement? I have some lab data recorded in int32 format and I want to use flac to compress them. I've compared wavpack and flac and decided that flac generally provides 5~10% more compression without significant difference in en/decoding time. But right now I have to manually transform the data to int16 first to satisfy flac.

  • lynxtwo

    lynxtwo - 2014-05-17

    I second the feature request. While rarely used, it would be a nice feature to have. Currently I have to use Wavpack if I want to compress 32-bit float or 32-bit integer files.

  • Hasegawa Kouichi

    I want Flac support for the 32bit integer,too! Please!
    Now there are high Resolution Audio which is 32bit integer sales online in Japan.

    • Erik

      Erik - 2015-09-27

      Are you sure its 32 bit Integer and not 32 bit float? The only one I can find is the following which is clearly 32 bit float : http://ototoy.jp/_/default/p/50962

      • Hasegawa Kouichi

        yeah , in 32bit integer.

        制作フォーマット(made):HD REBUILD MASTER 96kHz/32bit floating
        配信フォーマット(sales):96kHz/24bit,32bit整数(integer) WAV,96kHz/24bit flac

        Last edit: Hasegawa Kouichi 2015-09-27
  • Chung Chen ,Huang

    I hope Flac support 32bit bit depth. Recently,Hi-res is important for Audio,and 32bit's format sales online. Please modify algorithm to supprot 32bit integer files. Thank you!!!

    Last edit: Chung Chen ,Huang 2015-09-26

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