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Firemen / News: Recent posts

Integration with MiniGames

To make this project more generic, I've just started a distinct one : MiniGames (

Firemen will be the first program using this project's tools.

Posted by Thierry Mallard 2002-04-29

New design

The first drafts showed some really limited possibilities. I decided to take a break and think a little more about Firemen design, especially considering the other games from the same kind.

With this new design, I've started implementing it, and use this time to use STL too. I think the game v1.0 should be there in one or two months now.

Posted by Thierry Mallard 2001-06-02


Fluxy and I are going to add a firemen_edit module, and change a little the current source tree. Stay tuned !

Posted by Thierry Mallard 2001-03-14

New file release

A few more graphics, all of them are now converted to PNG. The program now supports alpha channel and sound.
There is a moving ambulance : use A and Z to move it.

Posted by Thierry Mallard 2000-09-24

Moving to C++

Written some basics classes (GameApp, GameImage, ResourceBuilder) and then ported the old C code to C++

Still got difficulties with KDevelop

Posted by Thierry Mallard 2000-08-18