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New Firebug XPI for branches/eval

This is R55 of branches/explore but without tracing.

Support for Chromebug, eval no-show option, eval named by last line, misc bug fixes.

Posted by johnjbarton 2007-06-30

Firebug-eval XPI distribution

Krys Zyp at is distributing builds of Fireclipse extensions, esp. the Firebug enhancements for eval(), on

Posted by johnjbarton 2007-04-26

r80: DebugAdapter added

Added a first cut at a DebugAdapter allowing developers to customize the eval() buffer names. See\*checkout*/fireclipse/trunk/FireclipseTests/WebContent/DebugAdapter.html

Posted by johnjbarton 2007-04-09

r70: update to fbug/trunk r15 v1.04

In the last couple of days Joe updated fbug/trunk to v1.04. Since some of the update covered a security hole, I updated the fireclipse version as well. I did a few quick tests on my build, but I've not tested the patch on a clean checkout.

Posted by johnjbarton 2007-04-06


cleaned up eval buffer names

Posted by johnjbarton 2007-03-30

r59 Firebug patch committed

* rewrote breakpoint code
* event handler debugging decent now
* no more data: URLs in UI (yeah!)

Posted by johnjbarton 2007-03-30

Developer Installation Instructions

A first shot at installation instruction is now available:\*checkout*/fireclipse/trunk/FireclipseDocumentation/Install.html

Posted by johnjbarton 2007-03-19