#655 Organize chat history like Buddies window

Fire 2.0 candidate

In the Stored Instant Message Conversations window:
1) Nest folders following preferences in Preferences/Buddies Window
(as opposed to just by alias/screenname and then service,
irrespective of group);
2) Color following preference in Preferences/Colors/Buddies Window
(as opposed to plain b&w);
3) Show chats of all services when clicking on an alias name.

Originally in 937416, I've modified it and re-listed it here so that it
will be easier to monitor, comment on and implement independent
of the other suggestions in 937416.


  • Jason Townsend

    Jason Townsend - 2004-10-28
    • milestone: 276498 --> Fire 2.0 candidate
  • Jason Townsend

    Jason Townsend - 2004-10-28

    Logged In: YES

    I agree this would be a good thing. In particular, showing all the chat
    logs for a particular alias in one folder I think would help quite a bit with
    buddies that you chat with on multiple services.

    One possible issue with a buddylist driven view of the chat logs is that
    there are potentially logs which are not from anyone in your buddy list
    that would need to be shown somewhere in the UI.

    We're definitely not doing anything like this for a 1.0 update... it's more
    of a possibility for 1.2 though.

  • vpace

    vpace - 2004-10-28

    Logged In: YES

    That's a good point. Seems there are a number of ways that could be
    1) Add a folder at the bottom of the list that holds any chats that aren't in
    the buddy list: "Non-Buddy List Chats" or perhaps something less awkward
    than that.
    2) Have two root folders in the top left pane of the Stored Instant
    Messages Conversation window: "Buddies" and "Non-Buddies."
    3) Simply list them after the nested folders of the buddy list in
    alphabetical order.
    4) Tabs: "Buddies" and "Non-Buddies."
    And I imagine that this list could go on.


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