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Finance::Quote 1.13 released

Finance::Quote 1.13 has been released. Included in this release are a new modules for Stock House Canada and American International Assurance (Hong Kong), and the usual slew of bug fixes. The full release notes can be found at This release is also be available from CPAN.

Posted by David Hampton 2007-01-08

Finance::Quote 1.12 released

Finance::Quote 1.12 has been released. Included in this release are a
couple of new modules for European sources, and the usual slew of bug
fixes. The full release notes can be found at . This
release will also be available soon from CPAN.

Posted by David Hampton 2006-07-10

Finance::Quote 1.11 released

Finance::Quote 1.11 has been released. Included in this release are a number of bug fixes (including one for currency quotes), and a couple of new information sources. The full release notes can be found at

Finance::Quote 1.11 will also be available shortly from your local CPAN store.

Posted by David Hampton 2006-01-11

Finance::Quote 1.06 released

Finance::Quote 1.06 has been released. Included in this release are many bugfixes, and a number of new information sources. The full release notes can be found at

Please note, as SourceForge is currently having database replication problems, there will be a few days until the files show up on the Finance::Quote release page. In the meantime, the new release can be downloaded from read more

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2001-06-26

Finance::Quote 1.05 .debs available

Finance::Quote 1.05 has been packaged for Debian. While it's expected the package will be become part of the official
Debian distribution soon, the files are now also available on SourceForge. Please note that an un-official debianized copy of Matt Sisk's HTML::TableExtract has also been provided, and this is required for the Finance::Quote debian to install correctly.

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2001-02-26

Finance::Quote 1.05 released

The new release fixes some problems experienced with currency conversion, and also provides better support for automatically loaded user modules.

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2001-02-15

Finance::Quote 1.04 released

Finance::Quote 1.04 has been released. This new version fixes a bug where every 40th Yahoo symbol in a large look-up would fail and removes some headaches from the test suite. Experimental support for proxy authentication is also included for the adventurous.

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-11-05

Finance::Quote featured in The Perl Journal

An article on Finance::Quote is featured in The Perl Journal ( issue number 19. The article forms a great introduction to this module, and the final draft is also available via the Finance::Quote website at

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-10-30

Finance::Quote 1.03 released

Finance::Quote 1.03 has been released. This release fixes problems with the VWD, ASX and Trustnet modules. If you've previously been having problems with these sources, chances are this release will fix them.

The latest release can always be download at

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-10-21

Finance::Quote v1.02 released

Finance::Quote v1.02 has been released. The new version contains many new bugfixes and improvements over the old version, including much better support for Australian stocks and Fidelity funds.

The new version also provides access to three new sources of information -- Trustnet (for UK Unit Trusts), Deutsche Bank Gruppe funds, and also stock lookups through Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH.

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-09-16

Finance::Quote v1.01 released

Finance::Quote v1.01 has been released. This fixes a bug where stocks from the London stock exchange were incorrectly returned in pence pretending to be Euros. Quotes from the London stock exchange are now correctly returned in pounds (GBP).

A new helper function, scale_field(), has also been added. This is mainly of use to people writing their own sub-modules.

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-07-25

Finance::Quote v1.00 released

Finance::Quote v1.00 is now available. New features include: Loadable module support, currency look-ups, automatic currency conversion (get foreign stocks in local currency, automatic failover support, user-specified list of required labels to return, better configuration options of user-agent, muchly improved documentation, and many small bugfixes and improvements.

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-07-16

Finance::Quote 0.18 available

Finance::Quote 0.18 is now available. This new version provides many new features and bugfixes over 0.17. Included in the changes are a much wider range of information returned by some functions, a new generic fetch method and better error detection and reporting.

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-04-30

Finance::Quote available on CPAN

Finance::Quote is now available from your favourite CPAN mirror. Enjoy!

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-04-10

TIAA-CREF changes

Finance::Quote is now capable of fetching data on TIAA-CREF annunities. This functionality is available in versions 0.17 and later.

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-04-10

CVS tree now active

The source is now available in the CVS tree. You can browse it using the CVS tools available on-line at sourceforge, or download it for yourself at

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-04-03

Finance::Quote moves to SourceForge

Finance::Quote is an easy-to-use perl module that provides access to time-delayed stock quotes from a variety of sources. These sources include the NYSE, the ASX, and a number of European exchanges.

Finance::Quote has recently moved to SourceForge, and is in the process of being set up. You can expect to see files in the CVS repository in the next day or two. If you would like to assist with this project, please contact pjf, or post a notice on the discussion forum for this project.

Posted by Paul Fenwick 2000-04-03