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PHP Remote File Manage version 1.0.0 released!

It has been a long journey for the PHP Remote File Management team. Original concepts of the current program included a 10KB system which, very simply, was designed to display files in a single directory. Integration for display of files in subdirectories came soon after. The ability to add icons to files and to specify what file extensions should be shown were obvious additions. Development of this, albeit simple, system was a very slow and tedious process. But much of the tedium, which at the time seemed vain and verbose, led the way to easy expansion and integration of more complex systems and a wide range of functions to be added to the program in future months.

Two years and three name changes later, the File List program had become File Manage. Many new features were incorporated; for example, the ability to edit files directly over the web (using any standard web browser), delete, create, and upload files remotely, all were developed to become integral pieces of the overall program which featured a robust security system for logins and databases based on flat-files. This system, which was still less than 3000 lines and 135KB of code at the time, had other features like the integration of the getid3() project which allowed for media files' information to be displayed to the user, as well as many other useful features.

Another thirteen months of work (to the day) and version 1.0.0 is being release with much pride and anticipation from the Development Team. Now databases are mySQL-based and blazing fast (directory load times are up to five times faster). The ability to access any file on the computer or from network drives have been included, and allow functions like copy, cut, paste, hiding, recycle bin, and a powerful command-line; these are all additions that have been demanded as usage of the program increased in everyday life for many end-users of the program. Countless other features have been added upon the requests of users and sysadmins around the world. The program has grown to just under 10000 lines of code and 500KB. Additional incorporation of getid3(), new integration of Perl scripts for an upload progress bar, and the brand new database system sets this first major release far above and beyond the expectations of the developers during work on the early days of the program.

Because the mySQL-based database system has been added within the last month, the 1.0.0 release will be the only release in which both the flat-file and mySQL database systems will be released simultaneously. From this point on only the mySQL distribution will receive active development. The flat-file distribution will become legacy software for those who absolutely cannot use mySQL, or prefer not to. The aforementioned distribution may receive security updates as needed, but will not receive feature updates as they are developed for the mySQL version, thus there will be asynchronous release dates and version numbers.
The reasoning behind this is that the speed of the flat-file databases has slowed the program beyond tolerance. Adding features will likely only slow it down more. Conversely, the mySQL version is much more optimized, thus further integration of features will only negligibly slow the program. Many features already in the 1.0.0 release have been developed around the mySQL database for additional security, file information storage, file tracking, and speed of data retrieval. The use of the mySQL distribution is extremely recommended. It is highly flexible and best of all it's free!

Some of the major updates to the program since the 0.9.9 release have already been mentioned such as the core rewriting of the software to give support for the new mySQL database backend, the increased security which involves the converting of passwords and passcodes from MD5 hashes to crypted (salted) SHA1 hashes, and storage of, mainly, slow information about files and directories. Items that have not been mentioned are the addition of a "Forgot Password" feature and other email-notification systems. There have also been numerous other optimizations, additions, and bug fixes.

For the complete list of updates (even ones from before the 0.9.9 release) read the ChangeLog included with the latest version of the program.

To download PHP Remote File Management System please visit http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/filemanage/ (click "Download..." to get full list of files – this is also where any bugs or feature requests should be filed)
Or use one of the following direct links:
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/filemanage/PHP_Remote_File_Manage-SQL_1.0.0_Install.exe?download (v.1.0.0 Windows executable installer)
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/filemanage/PHPRemoteFileFanage-SQL100wGID3andPerl.zip?download (v.1.0.0 .ZIP file with Perl for Windows)
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/filemanage/PHPRemoteFileFanage-SQL100wGID3.zip?download (v.1.0.0 .ZIP file without Perl)
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/filemanage/PHPRemoteFileFanage100wGID3andPerl.zip?download (v.1.0.0 .ZIP file with Perl for Windows; non-mySQL version)

Special thanks to all those who helped in the process to get this project where it is and a big thanks to the following groups; without these, the program could not have turned out as well as it did:
- SourceForge.net
- getid3() (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/getid3/)
- Uber-Uploader (http://sourceforge.net/projects/uber-uploader/)
- PHPMyAdmin (http://www.phpmyadmin.net)

Tools & Software to create the software
- PHP (http://www.php.net)
- mySQL (http://www.mysql.com)
- Perl (http://www.activeperl.com)
- PSPad (http://www.pspad.com)

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2006-05-18

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