File Manage 0.9.1 Released

Bobb's File List and Management System is an easy-to-use PHP-based system that can list and display files on a server as well as make some types available for web-based editing.

It includes a built-in security system with support for multiple users and a full permissions scheme.

This release includes a new and exciting feature, the administrative console, that gives administrators an unprecedented level of control over the files on their server as well as an incredibly quick method for changing program settings.

Full and complete documentation is included.

You can download the latest release from

Release Notes:
New features:

- A new console system allows administrators to issue Unix-style commands for quick changes to files and the system's settings.

- System settings (from this version and later) will not revert to defaults upon updating to newer version of the File Manage system.

Bug Fixes/Optimizations:

- Moved many system "tasks" (delete, rename, etc) to functions. This will allow the console and UI to function on the same code. (Bug: 1187494)

- Removed isexecutable() test from upload this caused tests on files which should not have been tested. (Bug: 118746)

- Upload test on certain mime types is now in place. Now "text/plain" types are tested for illegal_words. (Bug: 1187463)

- Optimized check_contents(), so for larger files there is a chance that it won't take so long to check (if a violation against the list of illegal words exists).

- Moved system settings to a separate file which is generated on first run. This file can be changed via the console and is access on each run. This changed to help bug 1187597 and 1200840.

- Simple UI fix, which made search text clear when click on (on focus) and put 'Search' back in if the field is left blank. (Bug: 1200893)

- Added checks against file and directory names containing 'filemanage', and directory names starting with 'getid3'. This is designed to protect against certain security risks. (Bug: 1200847)

- Removed check against directory names starting with 'My Playlist'. This was in from original concept, but was not deemed unnecessary. (Bug: 1200845)

- Made icons a link to the file, if the icon is click the file will open in a separate window. (Bug: 1200892)

- Added check for getid3() error. This would occur if the directory is in correct location but is not setup. (Bug: 1200857)

- Made the properties window load a bit faster. Only files with image extensions are tested for being an image, it was testing all files. (Bug: 1200856)

- Added continue links to all the permission problem errors. (Bug: 1200857)

- Fixed an issue where at least some PHP5 installs did not work because the variable $this is reserved, it was changed to $this1. (Bug: 1200849)

- Filemanage has now been split from the filelist project and resides in its own CVS repository.

- Removed the "Parent Directory" link while in the root directory. (Bug: 1198782)

- Fixed numerous typos, misspellings and grammatical errors.

- New, updated documentation for the 0.9.1 release.

Known Bugs:

These bugs are known to exist in this version and are under development.

Any other bugs found should be reported to

- Bug 1187457 - "Updated/New" status can occasionally be wrong on directories under certain (and somewhat obscure) circumstances
See for more information


Posted by Brad Hart 2005-05-24

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