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The new GUI released

The new File Crypter GUI version 1.5 has been
released in source code only which should build on
any of the major platforms.

If you'd like binaries then please drop me a line.
Katana Steel

Posted by René Kjellerup 2008-07-03

A New GUI for File Crypter

A Qt4 GUI, is in the works for File Crypter.
The new version will include the 4 algorithems
as well as the new algorithem from the xCrypter

Posted by René Kjellerup 2008-05-30

Web page updated

Well the projects Website has gotten a light weight Q&A section. Implementation of it had a few difficulties however they seem to have been resolved.

The primary part is that you can make entries.

Feedback and/or Questions are very welcome at the website :)


Posted by René Kjellerup 2008-05-23

xCrypter updated

The new version of the xcrypter library contains
a new algorithm along with the old.

And give access to an experimental tcp encrypted
communication object using either one of the two

Posted by René Kjellerup 2007-09-20

xCrypter Library published

xCrypter comes from s-boX Crypter.

xCrypter is a generic cryptation library, with a s-box as the key. The algorithem is mostly inspired by the AES (Rijndael) encryption algorithem. I haven’t tried to calculate the encryption strength, however it could be tough to break by hand.

Posted by René Kjellerup 2006-02-28

Windows GUI

Now the first Windows Graphic User Interface for
my File Crypter project has been completet.
The only thing that i'm not sadisfied with is the
way the buttons are drawn. I'd really like to be
able to color them.

If any one would like to comment on the project,
give me any advice (programming or other vice),
or ask me any question. Then please do.
I can be reached at this mail: read more

Posted by René Kjellerup 2004-06-08

GTK Interface Complete

Here you have it, the GUI for UNIX(Lnux) X11.
a user interface made using the GTK+2.0 library.

I'd Like to hear you oppinion about the software.

Posted by René Kjellerup 2004-04-13

GTK - Interface

I'm currently working with GTK+2.0, and trying to make a GTK interface that should improve the look of my very effective Program, this is at first designed to Linux, but it will come to Win32 at some point.

Posted by René Kjellerup 2003-07-21