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FIFE 0.3.0 Released!

We have finally released FIFE 0.3.0. Check the official release announcement here http://fifengine.de/2010/01/20/fife-0-3-0-is-here/

Posted by Wayne Prasek 2010-01-20

FIFE is four years old!

This is a somewhat delayed birthday notice, though, as FIFE turned four years old on 11th of September, but better late than never =) We can also celebrate that we committed revision #3000 on the 24th of August.

New FIFE release and new version scheme

It has been some time since our last release, so there will be a lot of new features in this one. I will only cover the most important changes in this news update. A more complete list will be revealed when we release it sometime in October.... read more

Posted by CheeseSucker 2009-09-19

Reviving FIFE development

Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE news update :-)

When I decided to step back from my position as project manager of FIFE so I could focus on my studies and private life back in September last year, I was hoping to find a new developer who would overtake my tasks and act as new project manager of FIFE. Unfortunately there were no long waiting queues of volunteers who would have liked to jump into this effort right away. On the other side I didn't invest much time and effort into finding a replacement for me as I was preparing for my final Latin exams back then. So now that that I got some spare free time on my hands, I'll tell you how you can contribute to the future of the FIFE project.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2009-01-22

The comeback

Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE news update. You're prolly surprised that I'm bringing this news update to you but this time it's one of the special exceptions where I intended to continue posting blog updates for FIFE!

The FIFE-based real-time economy simulation and strategy game OpenAnno was featured in one of our recent community spotlight articles:
http://mirror1.cvsdude.com/trac/fife/engine/wiki/2008/07/31/20.13... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-10-08

Music when the lights go out

Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE update!

This time we got a whole pack of news for you today:
- Linux OpenGL bug that was worrying us for over a year finally fixed by OpenAnno developer!
- Rewrite of the rendering pipeline planned to improve performance and add the possibility of more advanced graphical features.
- FIFE becomes the Flexible Isometric Free Engine.
- 3 years of FIFE IRC birthday party at 2008/09/11.
- Departure of a founding developer. Who will it be?... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-09-10

They were wrong, so we drowned

Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE update :-)

This time we'll cover the ongoing name change process of the project. We asked the community to send in proposals for a new name and new meanings for the FIFE acronym to underline that we've moved away from our Fallout roots. Now that the proposals have been sent in, we've opened a poll and every user who's registered at the forums got over three weeks to vote for two of the choices.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-08-06

Community spotlight #2: OpenAnno

Welcome to yet another FIFE update! This time we're proud to bring the second issue of the community spotlight series to you.

In this episode we cover the progress (or the lack of it) of the current FIFE-based projects in general but also the development of the OpenAnno project in detail. OpenAnno is a free and open source realtime economy simulation with strategy elements loosely oriented towards Sunflower's Anno series.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-07-31

Nomen est omen

It's time for a little FIFE update again :-) We're currently considering to change the name of the project or to choose at least a new meaning for the FIFE acronym to express that we've moved away from our initial Fallout roots. The engine is simply neither limited to Fallout-like games in particular nor to RPGs in general anymore.

We would like to hear what the community thinks about it. You got two weeks to bring up proposals for new names or new meanings for the FIFE acronym at our forums:
http://forums.fifengine.de/index.php?topic=93.0... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-07-20

FIFE searching for a web designer!

We're currently in the planning stages of replacing our fifengine.de website with a better looking version that shares a consistent design among the majority of its subpages and introduces some new functionality (integration of blog & forums so users can comment on blog articles as well as planet functionality for aggregating all FIFE-related feeds in one central place).

A collection of all ideas concerning the new website can be found at our wiki: http://wiki.fifengine.de/Website... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-07-17

Lesser release: FIFE milestone 2008.1 under LGPL released

We've done it again! We proudly present the FIFE 2008.1 release :-)

Source package (FreeBSD, Linux, Macintosh):

Win32 binaries:

For the 2008.1 release we decided to stick to the tropical island concept and called our example game "Rio de hola".... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-07-13

Boy (not) afraid

Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE update :-) We got a bunch of topics that we want to cover in this update though I try to keep things short to save some time nevertheless.

As you might remember: FIFE is currently in the process of switching from the current GPL 2.0 licensing to LGPL 2.1 as potential engine users asked for a more "liberal" (I know that this term can be questioned :-)) license. We're quite happy to announce that although this took us about 9 months from the initial plan until now, things finally start to look good. We got the agreements of all important developers who contributed code to FIFE that still resides in trunk.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-06-23


There are two important things to talk about so we decided to post a little developer blog update to keep the community up to date about the current status of the project.

FIFE is still progressing rather slow because of the lack of active developers who can invest time into the project. If you think you could help, please don't don't hesitate to grab the latest code from SVN to have a look into it and get in contact with us after that.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-05-29

License mumbo jumbo

Howdy and welcome to yet another FIFE news update :-)

This time we cover our ongoing efforts to release the next FIFE milestone under a less restrictive license compared to the current GPL licensing. This topic seems to be especially interesting for independent developers who consider to use FIFE for a game project but are afraid of the current licensing policy.

You can read the whole news update at the developer blog:

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-04-02

News update inferno

Welcome to yet another FIFE news update.

A lot of topics to cover and just few time on my hands so I'll just list everything and you decide if it's worth reading :-)
* New project manager on the team and first blog update by him
* New composer on the team and first music tracks available
* Experimental networking branch (woohoo! multiplayer FIFE)
* Experimental MSVC2008 build system support
* Physfs branch
* New context menu
* A new name for FIFE?
* First Zero-Projekt video released... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-03-13

FIFE community spotlight #1: Zero-Projekt

It's time for yet another FIFE update :-)

This time we got something special for you: a new series entitled "FIFE community spotlight". The idea behind these new community spotlight articles is to have a closer look at the projects which are utilizing FIFE for their games. The first community spotlight covers the computer roleplaying game project "Zero" that is currently in development.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-02-21

New compile SDK 2008.0 for Win32 systems released

Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE blog update.

Today we've just a short announcement for you. FIFE developer '''Joshdan''' improved the MSVC project files for FIFE recently and he discovered a problem with the zlib version for MSVC 2005 that ships with the 2007.2-r4 compile SDK while doing so. As a fix was needed to build FIFE in debug mode with MSVC 2005 we decided to put together a new version of the compile SDK.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-02-10

The end of the beginning: FIFE milestone 2008.0 released

We've done it again! We proudly present the FIFE 2008.0 release :-)

* Source package (FreeBSD, Linux, Macintosh): http://downloads.sourceforge.net/fife/FIFE_2008.0_r2109_src.tar.bz2
* Win32 binaries: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/fife/FIFE_2008.0_r2109_win32.exe

Theme of this release:
For the 2008.0 release we decided to pick up the island_demo concept again. Right: again. We already used this concept for the 2007.1 release but we put it on ice as we worked together with the Zero-Projekt developers on a different example game for the 2007.2 release. The cooperation didn't work out as planned for either side and so both teams stick to their own projects again now.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-02-06

Reinforcements have arrived

It's update time again :-) three weeks have passed since our last official blog update and we're glad that we can report to have made several steps forward in this time.

To just summarize the most important points:
- We decided to revive the island_demo concept from the 2007.1 release and ship a island_demo like game with future FIFE releases
- View code changes to improve performance and resolve z-order issues
- Floating text renderer support for map instances
- VFS improvements for editor tool
- Vastly improved pychan extension
- FIFE documentation server with fresh doxygen, epydoc documentation generated on a daily basis; live IRC logs for developers
- Tweaked FIFE forums design
- Fresh blood on the team: two new programmers, one additional project manager
- New precompiled Win32 SVN snapshot available... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-01-29

Time for heroes

== Something personal first ==
Yes you're absolutely right: I pledged to post this update before New Year's Eve and I shamelessly broke my promise. I was pretty busy over the last months but two weeks before Christmas lazyness and lethargy had taken me hostage. Now I've freed myself and return to fulfill my tasks :-) I'm especially sorry for the lack of guidance and my personal lack of motivation as it seems to have caused irritation among the other developers as well.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2008-01-07

New win32 compile SDK released

We did just release a new version of the Win32 compile SDK for FIFE.

== What's new? ==
The updated SDK features a bunch of improvements compared to the last official 2007.3-r3 SDK:
* GUI-based debugging solution for mingw users: [http://sources.redhat.com/insight/ Insight 6.6] (gdb frontend)
* SWIG updated from 1.3.31 to 1.3.32 (not tested in detail yet but the new version does already ship with the SDK; we'll switch to the new SWIG version via a simple SVN update as soon as it has proven itself to be stable)
* All library dependencies have been updated to the latest available version (except boost)
* Debug versions of the Python libraries for the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler
* Unit test libraries for mingw & MSVC 2005
* Non-SSE versions of the libvorbis DLLs to ensure that FIFE works as well on older systems... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2007-11-16


The FIFE project is trying to fill various positions on the team with fresh blood. Feel free to take a look at the the detailed help wanted thread we posted at gamedev.net recently:

Posted by mvBarracuda 2007-11-05

Here comes the delivery!

We've made it! The release is on the server and we're all happy that we could ship it in time.

* Source package (Linux, Macintosh): http://downloads.sourceforge.net/fife/FIFE_2007.2_src.tar.bz2
* Win32 binaries: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/fife/FIFE_2007.2_win32.exe

Important changes since the 2007.1 release:
* Removed the rather difficult to maintain lunar.h bindings in favour of SWIG (http://www.swig.org).
* Replaced the Lua scripting support with Python. Now the main loop runs in the scripting language. For the 2007.1 release the main loop still ran in the engine side and the Lua library was embedded into the engine. By utilizing SWIG game creators can add Lua support back to the engine again if they have the need for it.
* Metamodel refactoring. This resulted in a better engine structure and a decreased number of dependencies between the engine modules. Furthermore bi-directional dependencies were removed completely.
* Improved engine modularity. Our aim is that you can cherry-pick specific engine modules of FIFE and just use the ones you really need for your game.
* Pathfinding integration. Exchangable backends so you can already replace the currently rather simple linear pather with a more sophisticated system.
* New 3d geometry system. Camera supports now tilt, rotation and zoom. Geometries are affected by camera adjustments, but in addition to that, layers can contain separate scale and rotation.
* New event channel module. Scripts have full access to mouse, keyboard & widget input.
* New MVC architecture pattern. The whole engine has been refactored to follow a model - view - controller pattern. This leads to a cleaner engine module hierarchy compared to the engine design that was used before.
* Improved action-based animation system.
* A techdemo to give game creators a starting point. This is a common undertaking of the Zero-Projekt team (http://www.zero-projekt.net) and FIFE.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2007-10-12

Work, work, work, capture, release

To bring up the most important fact at the beginning: the FIFE team will finally release the 2007.2 milestone to the public at Wednesday, the 10th of October, 2007. Over five months have passed since the 2007.1 milestone had been released at the end of April and a lot has changed since then. Now that the most important changes are in place and work we feel that it's time for another release to give the community a sign into which direction the project is heading. ... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2007-10-05

A birthday party reminder

We can't really believe it either but our calendar says that it has been almost two years now since we started to work on this very project. At the 11th of September 2005 a group of naive but enthusiastic individuals agreed to found a development project to create an improved Fallout-like engine for roleplaying games. While the focus shifted to become a more general and flexible 2D engine, while new members joined and old ones left the team, we're still around and the recent progress gives us the hope that there'll be a bunch of birthday parties to celebrate in the next couple of years :-) To celebrate at least our first two years we invite every developer (active, inactive, ex or even simply interested to get involved) and of course every guest to visit our IRC channel (http://wiki.fifengine.de/index.php?title=IRC) at Tuesday, 2007/09/11.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2007-09-10

The John Spencer news explosion

Welcome to yet another FIFE news update :-)

It was pretty quiet lately, not because we would have been lazy but because I was busy with my exams and had no time to write about our most recent efforts. Nevertheless there was of course a bunch of work going on behind the scenes and I'm happy to have finally found the time to summarize it for you. There are several topics to talk about:
* The send them in! contest is over and we finally have a winner.
* The work on the new metamodel branch is coming along quite well.
* The FIFE team agreed to work on a new techdemo in cooperation with the Zero-Projekt team (http://www.zero-projekt.net/) that explains the features of FIFE.
* The FIFE project turns two rather soon :-) Time for a birthday party.
* fifengine.de (http://www.fifengine.de) has been slightly updated with the help of the new developer NickWarner.... read more

Posted by mvBarracuda 2007-08-24

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