#2 How to find and mount user partition


I have a working disk from a FreeBSD machine. When I
use FFS, I can mount the root (/) partition using the
following FFS settings: FFS Disk - 1, FFS Paritition -
1, Disklabel - 0, Mount Drive - X:\

However, when I look at "/home" (where user home
directories should be) it's empty.

I believe this is because /home is in a different

How can I find this partition?

I have tried setting FFS Partition to values 1 through
5, and FFS Driver Mount Manager does not complain when
I click on the mount button, but Windows is unable to
read these.

Your help would be appreciated.

--Pat / zippy@cs.brandeis.edu


  • ryusuke

    ryusuke - 2006-05-03

    Logged In: YES

    I have a similar configuration, and succeeded to access
    /home by changing the "Disklabel" number. However, it seems
    not possible to mount both / and /home at the same time.

    According to my understanding, "FFS partition" means a FDisk
    partition (or a slice), and what you call a partition (/ or
    /home) corresponds to "Disklabel". As its name indicates,
    the disklabel command will help you know the correct
    "Disklabel" number.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Change the disklabel until you find which one it is. Mine was Disk 0, Part 4, Disklabel 5.


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