#23 Realtime streams


it would be nice if it supported the opening of a realtime stream.

for example, if you have a wintv150 pvr card, then /dev/video0 would be an mpeg2 stream.

currently it *sort of* works, it takes about 3-5 seconds to open the "file" (device), and I can grab frames and turn them into images.

I suggest, either creating a new class for handling realtime streams that implements the basics, and opens the connection as persistent...

It should add a configurable buffer size for the stream.
getFrameCount and getDuration would be overridden to check the frame count and duration of the contents of the buffer.

for accomplishing the same purpose it serves now, you could add 2 extra methods:
getLastFrame(): gets the last frame received in the buffer
getLastKeyFrame(): gets the last key frame received in the buffer

in addition, I think another nice feature would be having an index member for the current position in the stream, along with rewind and fastforward type methods.


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