#15 portability problems, etc. (patch included)


I made FFFF more portable by changing what macros it tests. I also fixed the Makefile (and code) so it works. (make -f Makefile.linux doesn't work on my x86 Debian unstable system, or on my AMD64 Ubuntu system. It needs to use -msse2, or the assembler won't assemble sse(2) instructions)

Anyway, I'll attach a patch that makes it work on x86 GNU/Linux, AMD64 GNU/Linux, and x86 Solaris. Hopefully it doesn't break it on anything else, and will properly enable SSE/SSE2 where available on Intel Macs.

I had to change some openGL header including stuff, too.

And I fixed the FPU ASM for gcc. I replied to the bug about it.

I'm mainly opening this bug so I'll have somewhere to put my patch, other than my own web server. I posted about it in the forum.


  • Peter Cordes

    Peter Cordes - 2007-03-20

    patch to make FFFF portable, and work better

  • Peter Cordes

    Peter Cordes - 2007-03-20
    • summary: portability problems, etc. --> portability problems, etc. (patch included)
  • Peter Cordes

    Peter Cordes - 2008-09-15

    BTW, this doesn't apply cleanly with patch(1) unless you dos2unix the patch and the source directory first.

    patch and diff never did like DOS line endings, and seem to fail even when everything has DOS line endings.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Another patch (perhaps even the same one) is from FreeBSD at <http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-ports-bugs/2006-September/101695.html> - this seems to make it work on Linux too.


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