#590 AAC 7.1 is not playing right.

Jeppe Oland

If I create an AAC file with 7.1 content, it will not play correctly in MPC-HC. (You can hear the sound, but it's distorted).
(I created the file using neroaacenc)

While playing the file, if I hover my mouse over the FFA icon I see this:

ffdshow audio decoder:
Input: AAC, 6.1, 48000 Hz, 39 kbps (libfaad2)
Output: PCM, 6.1, 48000 Hz, 16-bit integer

Change the ffdshow configuration to use libavcodec instead, and it works perfectly.

After MPC-HC investigations, it seems this is an ffdshow bug.
Find the MPC-HC bug report here: https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/mpc-hc/ticket/1604


  • clsid

    clsid - 2011-08-06

    Must be a limitation of libfaad2. If libavcodec works, I suggest you use that. Libavcodec will probably also become the default in the future.

  • Jeppe Oland

    Jeppe Oland - 2011-08-06

    I'm not sure that's true.
    If you disable ffdshow for AAC in MPC-HC and use the internal filter instead, it works (at least it did for me).
    Their internal filter is supposedly based on libfaad2 as well...


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