#323 Avisyth YV12 goes async other Color Spaces produce 2xCPU


i want to do "ChangeFPS(47.952)" on a 23.976fps video to eliminate any kind of stuttering with vmr7 (windowed) and nv12 on ati hd 4670 card.

when i use avisynth in ffdshow yv12 input color space goes async (for example after starting firefox 10-20 times video is 1 second behind).
all other color spaces produce double cpu load.

please add a small option to the output tab which does changefps(2x).

dunno if you know about the vmr7/overlay mixer stuttering bug but its something like this:
i play 23.976 video. it runs smooth. then i hit pause and play and the vid runs stuttering. another pause/play and vid runs smooth again. when changefps 47.972 is done this problem doesnt happen anymore.

pls help to get rid of my final win vid problem.


  • wedok

    wedok - 2012-10-04

    fuck off ati :)
    deinterlacing/frameratedoubler/"current location only" with THRESHOLD "0" does the job :)

    it seems that it doubles framerate without post processing the images (blending, motion pixels, etc)

    thank universe :)

  • wedok

    wedok - 2012-10-04

    and video goes async again.

    so still no solution :(

  • wedok

    wedok - 2012-10-05

    mainconcept h264 > yv12 > ffdshow raw filter (same config as ffdshow video decoder) = sync
    xvid video decoder > yv12 > ffdshow raw filter (same config as ffdshow video decoder) = sync

    why does it gets async with internal decoders and stays sync with external decoders ?

    pls fix the problem soon !


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