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FET 5.30.3 released

Version 5.30.3
- Generating the activity tags timetables (suggested by Darren McDonald, implemented by Volker Dirr).
- Added comments for teachers, students, subjects, activity tags, rooms and buildings (suggested by Volker Dirr and Anton Anthofer, implemented by Liviu Lalescu).
- Very rare crash bugs fixed (reported by mouiata).
- Added a new example file from Indonesia, by wahyuamin.

Posted by Volker Dirr 3 days ago

FET 5.30.2 released

I didn't post the changelog from the last versions, so i add them with this post:

Version 5.28.1
- Crash bug fix when the input file contained activities with duplicate students sets / teachers and the user renamed these students sets / teachers (reported by Volker Dirr).
- When renaming a students year, the user can choose to rename also automatically the groups and subgroups contained in this year (suggested and implemented by Volker Dirr).
- Added colors when viewing the timetable from the interface, if the option to use colors in the interface is selected (suggested and implemented by Marco Vassura).... read more

Posted by Volker Dirr 2016-08-02

FET 5.28.0 released

FET 5.28.0 released
- Crash bug fixes (reported by Davide Cottignoli).
- Removed useless CONFIG += thread from src.pro and src-cl.pro (reported by locutusofborg).
- Corrected a few typos in the Italian translation, by flauta.
- Updated the Italian translation, by Marco Barsotti.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2015-09-26

FET 5.27.7 released

I didn't post the changelog from the last versions, so i add them with this post:

Version 5.27.4
- Updated to Qt 5.5.0.
- Added a new complete French translation, by Pascal Cohen.
- Minor bug fixes: some buttons were not translated (reported by Pascal Cohen).
- Added a new example file from Algeria, by Laid Messaoudi.
- Version 5.27.5
- Minor improvements.
- Version 5.27.6
- Updated the sources to gcc-5.2.1 (but the Windows version still uses MinGW 4.9.2).
- Minor improvements to the timetable and the statistics printing, by Volker Dirr (improved the margins handling).
- Version 5.27.7
- Added a partial Basque translation, by Asier Urio Larrea.
- Added a partial Czech translation, by Pavel Fric.
- Improvement in the all time / space constraints dialogs: you can press activate / deactivate / modify the constraint and the focus
will remain on the constraints list widget, so that you can press the up / down arrows directly, for easier operation (suggested by Volker Dirr).

Posted by Volker Dirr 2015-08-03

FET 5.27.3 released

Version 5.27.3
- Updated to Qt 5.4.2.
- Added the "duration" filter in activities preferred starting times and preferred time slots (suggested by Volker Dirr and jillali elghazoui).

Version 5.27.2
- Fixed a compilation error under CentOS 6 (reported by azaer).

Posted by Volker Dirr 2015-06-09

FET 5.27.1 released

FET 5.27.1 released
- Crash bug fix, when modifying a teacher after generating, and then viewing the timetable for that teacher without generating again. Reported by Yush Yuen.
- Updated the German translation, by Bob Hairgrove.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2015-05-07

FET 5.27.0 released

FET 5.27.0 released
- Writing the statistics of the generated timetable (gaps, min/max hours, free days), implemented by Volker Dirr.
- Updated the Chinese Traditional translation, by James.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2015-04-15

FET 5.26.2 released

I didn't post the previous changelogs, so i attach shorten changes since last post:

Version 5.24.0
- Significant speed improvements when using many students sets
- Speed improvements in the statistics menu.
- Other speed improvements for larger data.
- Added an option to hide students subgroups in combo boxes/activity planning
- Added options to select the categories of timetables to write on the hard disk.
- Automatic division of years by categories is improved
- Code improvement in reading the .fet XML files
- Several bug fixes, when trying to open corrupt files.
- It is now allowed to have constraints preferred/home rooms with a single room

Version 5.25.0
- Improved the split year dialog: groups and subgroups which will exist in this year after the division will retain their activities and constraints.
- Sort (temporarily) the constraints by description in the all time/space constraints dialogs.
- Fixed a bug introduced in version 5.24.0: when having individually modified activities, removing teachers, subjects, activity tags, or students sets could remove only some components of the large split activity.

Version 5.26.0
- Improved the speed of importing from comma separated values (CSV) files, especially when dealing with many students sets.
- Improved the speed of adding/modifying the (sub)activities from the corresponding dialogs (not noticeable, in usual cases).
- Other speed improvements in the interface.
- Leak and crash bug fixes (not usually met).... read more

Posted by Volker Dirr 2015-03-16

FET 5.23.1 released

Version 5.23.1:
- The teachers' timetables now show the list of teachers for team teaching; also the students' timetables now show the list of students sets for team teaching or show the students set of the activity if it is different from the currently selected students set (suggested and implemented by Volker Dirr).

Posted by Volker Dirr 2014-07-24

FET 5.23.0 released

Version 5.23.0
- Updated to Qt 5.3.1.
- Added a new timetabling generation option, to group selected activities in the initial order, next to the activity which is placed the earliest (suggested by Yush Yuen). This is useful in very rare cases of peculiar usage of constraint activities occupy max time slots from selection, or if you want to change the initial order of the activities by bringing some activities into front.
- Improved the timetable shortcuts tab, by adding the print, locking and advanced push buttons.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2014-07-15

FET 5.22.0 released

Version 5.22.0:
- Updated to Qt 5.3.0.
- Many improvements on memory and speed in pre-generating and after-generating.
- Corrected a crash bug under Windows (for extremely large files).
- Now you can unlock all activities or activities of a single day without generating the timetable (suggested by Volker Dirr).
- Increased the maximum number of divisions in the first and second categories when dividing a year (suggested by Bobby Wise).
- Added a new Morocco example file, by Mohamed Bahaj.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2014-06-01

FET 5.21.2 released

Version 5.21.2
- Corrected a bug in two of the Brazil examples (the bug was introduced in the previous version).

Posted by Volker Dirr 2014-03-21

FET 5.21.1 released

Version 5.21.1
- Updated the sources to Qt 5.2.1 (but the precompiled Windows version still uses Qt 4.8.5, because of various problems).
- Added a partial Albanian translation, by Artur Lugu.
- Minor interface improvements.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2014-03-21

FET 5.21.0 released

Version 5.21.0
- Updated the sources to Qt 5.2.0 (but the precompiled Windows version still uses Qt 4.8.5, because of various problems).
- Added print of advanced statistics directly from FET, suggested by Bobby Wise and implemented by Volker Dirr.
- Added an option to duplicate vertical names in the timetables, to the right of the tables (suggested by Pietro, implemented by Volker Dirr).
- Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation, by Cloves das Neves.
- Added two example files from Brazil, by Werner Bruns.
- Added another sample file from Argentina, by pedrobordon.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2013-12-23

FET 5.20.2 released

Version 5.20.2
- Added an option to disable printing of the activity tags in the HTML generated timetables (suggested by drew and other users).
- Memory consumption improvement when writing advanced statistics to the hard disk.
- Dropped the debug console messages (potential bug reported by MarioMic, because under some GNU/Linux distributions
these might fill the hard disk). However, the command line version can be made verbose by the option --verbose=true.
- The multiple generation outputs an overall report (suggested by MarioMic).
- Minor improvements and source cleanup.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2013-10-14

FET 5.20.0 released

Version 5.20.0
- Added constraint activities same room if consecutive (suggested by agemagician).
- Added constraints students (set) max days per week (suggested by more users).
- Bug fix in constraint activities occupy max different rooms (not noticeable).
- Added a new sample file, by rapsy.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2013-09-28

FET 5.19.4 released

Version 5.19.4
- Updated the sources to Qt 5.1.1 (but the precompiled Windows version still uses Qt 4.8.5, because of various problems).
- Import bugs corrected (by Volker Dirr).
- Added two new sample files, from Belize, by donjon.
- Added two new sample files, from Algeria, by Laid Messaoudi.

Posted by Volker Dirr 2013-08-29

FET-5.19.2 released

On Saturday, 1 June 2013, FET-5.19.2 was released.

From the ChangeLog:

  • Minor bugs corrected (formatting in the HTML timetables), by Volker Dirr.
  • Corrected some minor string problems.
  • Updated the Romanian translation (by Liviu Lalescu). It is now complete.
Posted by Volker Dirr 2013-06-01

FET-5.16.1 released

- Updated to Qt 4.8.0.
- Bug fix: command line interface now accepts native separator characters (reported by Sarwan Bangar).
- When using command line with a time limit, and the time limit is exceeded, FET will save the highest stage and the current timetable. Suggestion and code by Ian Holden.
- Exporting of the timetable as a CSV file now saves also the activities comments (suggested by m, implemented by Volker Dirr).
- Minor bug fix in HTML timetables, by Volker Dirr.
- Minor interface bug fixes.

Posted by Anonymous 2012-03-06

FET-5.16.0 released

- Each constraint can be activated/deactivated and also each constraint may have an optional comment. The user can sort the constraints based on their comment. These special functions can only be accessed from all time/space constraints dialogs (suggested by George Miliotis, Davide G. M. Salvetti and maybe other users).
- Each activity may have an optional comment (suggested by K, m and maybe other users).
- The command line version now saves the current timetable and the highest stage timetable if it receives SIGTERM from the user, then exits (suggested by Davide G. M. Salvetti and maybe other users).
- Added a Vietnamese translation, by Nguyen Truong Thang.
- Minor interface bug fixes.
- Updated the Saudi Arabia examination timetable file, by Silver.

Posted by Anonymous 2011-12-12

FET-5.15.0 released

On Friday, 28 October 2011, FET-5.15.0 was released.

From the ChangeLog:

- Added two new constraints:
1) Activities occupy max time slots from selection. This is useful in more cases, for instance to force some teachers to have activities in certain time slots. (For example, if in a 5 days week with 6 hours per day, teacher T has 20 hours of activities and needs to have activities in the first 3 hours of Monday: add a constraint with all the teacher's activities, all time slots minus these 3 (so 5*6-3=27 slots selected in the constraint), and specify the maximum number of selected time slots occupied by the selected activities to be 17.) Suggested by Zsolt Udvari, Christian Kemmer, Davide G. M. Salvetti, lalloso, Silver, and maybe other users.
2) Activities max simultaneous in selected time slots. User chooses a set of activities, a set of time slots, and specifies that in each time slot there should be an upper limit on the activities from the chosen set. Useful for example if you want each slot to have say at least 3 free teachers, for substitution or supervision.
- Updated to Qt 4.7.4.
- Removed dependence of Qt3Support classes. Many dialogs were changed. This is to improve FET and to prepare it for the future Qt 5.
- The program is now storing the geometry of most dialogs (suggested by more users. Zsolt Udvari suggested to store also the Activity planning dialog settings).
- The activity tags, students, teachers, subjects, rooms, buildings, activities, subactivities, all time constraints and all space constraints dialogs contain a draggable splitter, for better viewing (suggested by daviodan).
- Taking care of when a file was modified. When it was not modified, the user can quit FET directly (suggested by Horatiu Halmajan and maybe other users).
- Recently used files list (suggested by daviodan, Silver and maybe other users).
- Activities rooms statistics - it shows the list of activities which will certainly or possibly be scheduled in an unspecified room (suggested by Volker Dirr, who also did a part of the coding, Corfiot, Fabio Piedimonte).
- Removed the upper limit on the number of time and space constraints.
- When modifying the days or hours, the affected constraints will be modified or removed, after confirmation from the user.
- Language change is activated without restarting.
- Many other interface improvements.
- Added a new sample file, by Silver.
- Improved the Morocco sample file and the Morocco instructions (by Liviu Lalescu and Chafik Graiguer).

Posted by Anonymous 2011-10-28

FET-5.14.5 released

27 May 2011, FET 5.14.5 released
- Updated to Qt 4.7.3.
- The generate multiple timetable dialog now shows max placed activities for the current timetable and for each timetable with time limit exceeded (suggested by Yush Yuen).
- Non-critical interface bug fix under Mac OS X: in the add and modify activity dialogs, the tab widget for the subactivities was too large, showing all the 35 possible components. Bug reported by Yush Yuen.
- Minor interface bug fix under Mac OS X: the dialogs now show minimize/maximize buttons. Bug reported by Yush Yuen.
- Minor improvement in the HTML exported timetables (multi-line comments look better), by Volker Dirr.
- Added a Galician translation, by Juan Marcos Filgueira Gomis (based on the Spanish translation, as of April 2011, by Jose Cesar Fernandez Lopez).
- Added a Spanish secondary school example file, by llantones.

Posted by Anonymous 2011-05-27

FET-5.14.4 released

- Upgraded to Qt 4.7.2.
- Updated the French translation, by Regis Bouguin (it is now complete).
- Added a complete Serbian translation, by Ivan Starchevicy and Radan Putnik.
- Minor improvements.
- Added 3 new sample files, by waleed, M K Lohumi and Asti Widayanti.

Posted by Anonymous 2011-03-24

FET-5.14.3 released

- Upgraded to Qt 4.7.0.
- Improved the Greek translation, by Dimitris Kanatas.
- Minor interface improvements.
- Added two new sample files, by Massimo Mancini and Dimitris Kanatas.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-11-02

FET-5.14.2 released

- A rare possible problem is improved (not completely solved). This problem was reported by Marco Barsotti: for some fixed timetables the generation may report incorrectly an impossible timetable. This problem cannot be solved perfectly, only patched, and this will hopefully solve the problem in all practical situations.
- An activity can now be split into 35 (it was previously only 10) - suggested by mohd on the forum.
- Improved a bit the add/modify activity dialogs (inactive tabs for the components of a subactivity are disabled).
- Updated the Slovak translation, by Ondrej Gregor.
- Added a new sample file, by Marco Barsotti.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-09-24

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