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Felix 1.1.2 Release Candidate 4

Release Candidate 4 for Felix version 1.1.2 is now available for download from Sourceforge mirrors.

Felix 1.1.2 is pre-production release of Felix which provides full support for both synchronous and pre-emptive threading, high performance platform tailored asynchronous event handling and I/O.

Posted by John Skaller 2006-03-13

Felix 1.0.8 released

Version 1.0.8 of the high performance control inverting scripting language Felix has been released. This release is primarily a consolidation version, and marks the transition to beta status.

Posted by John Skaller 2004-07-21

Felix 1.0.6 Released

Version 1.0.6 of the Felix programming language has now been released. You can obtain it as a Sourceforge file release or directly from the homepage:


Python 1.5.2 and Ocaml 3.07 or later are required to build it.
So far the package has been built on Linux, OSX, and Windows under Cygwin: help just checking it builds on other platforms is urgently needed.

What is it? Felix is a new Algol-like application programming language with a purely functional subsystem. It comes with a scripting engine which allows it to be used easily like Python or Perl, but it generates efficient machine binaries via a C++ compiler to provide high performance.... read more

Posted by John Skaller 2004-04-26