difficulty with "&" in <link></link>

  • JohnnyT

    JohnnyT - 2006-03-04

    I publish an RSS feed where the links conclude with "?field1=data1&field2=data2&field3=data3&field4=data4"

    Obviously the ampersands have to be escaped, which I have done three ways (&amp; AND &#38; AND &#x26;)

    All three of these pass verification.  All work in FeedReader to obtain the linked pages.

    The problem occurs in the FeedReader links  "Actions: Read on  Mail"

    The "Mail" link creates an email appropriately, but in the text of the email the link is incorrect, everything after "?field1=data1" is dropped.

    The "Read on" link works fine to get the page but in the status bar the link is revealed to have two ampersands instead of one.  So it looks like this: "?field1=data1&&field2=data2&&field3=data3&&field4=data4"

    Is this a bug in Feed Reader, or is there some other way to format the link?

    much appreciation for your help...

    • JohnnyT

      JohnnyT - 2006-03-04

      I also tried escaping the whole linke with CDATA with the same results.


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