Aquarium View cannot be turned off

  • Hans

    Hans - 2005-12-21

    Now it has happened again! Suddenly the "Aquarium View" cannot be turned off - which means that the menu column at the left is no more accessible, so I cannot access my feeds.

    This has happened several times before - but this time it did not even help to uninstall and reinstall FeedReader.

    Whatr can I do? Th is must have happened to others also...

    Please help!

    • Joaquim Gândara

      I have the same problem. I noticed that you can turn off Aquarium view, but the problem is that the left column and top row with headlines have "retracted". You have to resize them by pulling on their frames. Unfortunately, that doesn't work with the headline frame, so I now have just the list of feeds and no headlines.

      Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't work, but here's the kicker: Neither did removing every reference to FeedReader that I could find in the registry! Where does FeedReader store these idiotic configurations?!

    • Joaquim Gândara

      Found it!

      C:\Documents and Settings\Joakim Almgren\Application Data\FeedReader\feedreader.ini

      Remove this file and the window positions will be back to normal. Unfortunately your other preferences will be cleared too, but oh well.

    • clive_r

      clive_r - 2006-03-10

      I just installed this and it happened to me twice, curses.  I think it might have happened when I resized the icons.
      Anyway, you need to restore the following values in the feedreader.ini file



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