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830 Byval placed before a passed variable for a Byval parameter induces an incomplete copy construction open 6 days ago compiler  
829 Open/Exec convert \ => / on Linux open 2016-07-05 rtlib  
828 32bit Integer/Long mangling reversed open 2016-07-05 compiler  
827 Bootstrap produce an unusable compiler open 3 days ago compiler  
826 Weird overload resolution with booleans open 2016-06-15 compiler  
824 Illegal destructor call after '#print typeof( f() )' when f() is a function returning an object by value open 2016-04-15 compiler  
823 Overloaded Function with Array() "as Const ..." Parameter = Error) open 2016-04-10 compiler  
822 Compiler aborts when initializing a static byref member UDT with a local instance open 2016-04-06 compiler  
821 LEN() and SIZEOF() should not be allowed when used with bitfields open 2016-03-19 compiler  
820 Text of compile warning #10 must be updated open 2016-03-18 compiler  
818 Bad code generated for calls to functions with incomplete parameter types open 2016-03-09 compiler  
817 Type mismatch not detected when passing an array of UDT incompatible with the expected UDT open 2016-03-07 compiler  
815 Code for checking null pointer (-exx compile option) not added on (*ptr).field open 2016-02-20 compiler  
814 A global reference declaration cannot have an initializer which assigns an element of a global dynamic array open 2016-02-20 compiler  
813 Bug in Delete command open 2016-02-16 compiler  
812 Mouse bug: acting clipped in windowed mode. open 2016-02-16 compiler  
811 *(ptr).field should give an error open 2016-02-20 compiler  
809 Inline Comment Ignored By Compiler open 2016-02-09 compiler  
808 Compiler ignores comment block Reserved word "Enum" open 2016-02-09 compiler  
807 'ScreenSet' ordering in main thread is ignored by user threads even created after that! open 2016-01-09 compiler  
806 Gfx Put Custom callback incomplete signature check open 2015-12-26 compiler  
805 Gfx Put Custom callback should use Ulong instead of Uinteger open 2015-12-26 compiler  
804 anon namespaces allow Extern variables open 2015-12-27 compiler  
803 anon namespaces can collide open 2015-12-27 compiler  
801 parser allows more constructs under -exx than without it open 2015-12-27 compiler  
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