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864 LOCATE instruction behavior disturbed when cursor position reaches last screen line open 2017-09-12 compiler  
863 IIF returns an Lvalue when the condition is constant open 2017-09-10 compiler  
862 "Print Using" fails when recursive? open 2017-08-25 compiler  
861 From inside a non static member procedure, ThreadCall allows to start as a thread a non static member Sub() open 2017-08-18 compiler  
860 Baud rate not set under Linux open 2017-08-13 compiler  
859 Incompatibility between any operator Delete[] (or the only overload operator Delete) and polymorphism open 2017-07-13 compiler  
858 Using "Field=1" in a composed type induces structure error when compiling with gcc 32-bit & 64-bit open 2017-06-17 compiler  
857 PAINT used in a VIEWport and without delimitation border induces segmentation violation when ending code open 2017-06-06 compiler  
856 Forum login is broken and the webmaster's absent. open 2017-06-01 website  
855 BEEP doesn't work on Linux. open 2017-08-03 compiler  
854 Complex expression as 'Cast( Function (...) As ..., @f ) (...)' is often badly compiled in 64-bit, except with option '-exx' open 2017-05-20 compiler  
853 'Ubound(array, 0)' does not work with array defined by 'Dim array(Any [, Any...])' open 2017-05-19 compiler  
852 Inconsistent handling of div/0 open 2017-06-21 compiler  
849 'Randomize , 5' produces a poor distribution of numbers open 2017-02-23 rtlib  
848 #includes inside Type blocks are buggy open 2017-02-12 compiler  
844 gen gcc: C code conflict between array-descriptor/UDT structures when declared/used inside successive scopes open 2016-11-30 compiler  
843 The implicit casting of argument to string works for Instr() and Mid() but not for Left() and Right() open 2016-11-13 compiler  
842 BYREF (variable) does not report some assignment errors detectable on its internal pointer open 2016-11-11 compiler  
841 Inconsistency: negation may return different signedness for constants open 2016-11-21 compiler  
840 Constancy of certain wstring expressions changes when crosscompiling with differing sizeof(wstring) open 2016-10-24 compiler  
838 "Redim Preserve" not preserving array data for UDT array open 2016-10-15 compiler  
835 [For..Next] operator overloading without Step operator requests mandatory a default constructor open 2016-09-02 compiler  
834 Line continuation not handled during #if 0 skipping open 2016-08-27 compiler  
833 Runtime error from compiler when calling a virtual procedure of a specific Type structure open 2016-10-31 compiler  
832 QB type suffixes allowed on any keywords open 2016-08-09 compiler  
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