#11 Think about I18N


Something not so easy: internationalisation.

For localized users of FANGS, it would be cool to have
"Table" replaced by "Tableau" (in french for example).

I wonder if it has to be linked with the attribute
"lang" in the web page. E.g. if <html lang="de"> is
present, bring informations in dutch, or in english, or
as the FANGS user decided. I have no precise idea about
it, but this is an open question :-)


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Good idea. As a first step I will break out all strings to prepare
    for I18n. However, this is an area where I would need a lot of
    help. The technology will not be very difficult. Let me get
    back to this in a later release. / Pete

  • Peter

    Peter - 2004-12-02

    Logged In: YES

    I18n work ill start as soon as the renderer is stable
    enough. There are two things that need to be translated: the
    Fangs UI and the Fangs renderer output. Also, there has to
    be an option to set a default language for all pages that
    does not have a lang attribute.


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