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Sorry, but I'm done with this

I am going to stop pretending to myself that I'll ever do more on this project. It was fun while I was writing it, and useful for a very short time while I needed it. But, no more.

If anyone else wants to take over admin of the project, email me.

Posted by Peter Harris 2007-06-14

f2w helpdesk 1.6 released

Not many changes, but one of them is long-awaited:

The facility to have request properties represented as checkboxes or selection lists.

Since changes are few, I've posted a patch folder that you can merge onto an existing v1.5 install i(carefully) in case that's less trouble than copying your local modifications to a new folder.

Posted by Peter Harris 2004-06-15

f2w helpdesk 1.5 released

Just a quickie release to remove a troublesome nit in category admin, and bring the SQL syntax up to date with the latest PostgreSQL.
The programmer guide is slightly updated with a bit more help on how to set up the database properly.

Posted by Peter Harris 2003-09-05

Tiny database change for 1.5

Version 1.5 is on the way. For now, the database definitions have been updated to work on postgresql 7.3.
More tables may be added soon, but this was an important bugfix so it gets to be the first 1.5 release.

Posted by Peter Harris 2003-09-05

f2w-helpdesk extra scripts 1.4

"extras" package of f2w helpdesk has been brought up to date a bit.

I wouldn't have bothered, but I noticed a humungous security hole that needed fixing.

All 5 of the people who use this should upgrade ASAP ;-)

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-08-30

f2w helpdesk 1.4.3

A bug-fix release, that brings in the MS SQL patches, tidies up a few user interface warts, and forces new operators to be members of a team when created.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. I am declaring a partial feature freeze now, because I have other things that demand my time. I will still be following the bug tracker and the forums, of course.

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-07-22

Updated German translation

A new German translation has been provided. Thanks, Arno!

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-07-15

f2w helpdesk in Polish

The pl folder is now uploaded. Thanks to Tomasz Piasecki and Michal Lachowicz, who contributed separately.

Any problems with the character set are my fault: I hope I haven't mangled it too much!

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-05-20

f2w translations: italiano, espaol

Thanks to Mauro Gario for providing Italian and Spanish translations.

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-05-13

f2w helpdesk en franais

Thanks to Nicolas Pettiaux, f2w helpdesk now has a "fr" translations folder.

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-04-30

f2w helpdesk translations

From now on, translation folders for f2w helpdesk are being released in the "translations" package rather than "zope-folder". The reason is, it's better to have all the translations together in one place, rather than scattered throughout the various obsolete versions of the helpdesk code.

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-04-22

f2w helpdesk 1.4.2

Minor fixes, and a much cleaner separation of Oracle from PostgreSQL. It is now feasible to consider porting it to multiple database platforms, so if anyone wants to have a go they are welcome.

A long awaited and debated feature has been added - users not set up as members of any teams have restricted but useful access.

The request extract as a CSV file now works MUCH better, to the point where it is actually useful.

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-04-18

f2w helpdesk now in German

A new translation has been added. Thomas Gtz has provided a 'de' folder. It can be downloaded from the zope-folder package.

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-02-13

f2w helpdesk 1.4.1

This release has been made to fix a few bugs and omissions pointed out by helpful users. Thanks guys!
It also has slight enhancements to the Request Search screen.

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-02-12

f2w helpdesk 1.4

At last, I am on Zope 2.4.x, and f2w helpdesk is on a new minor release number: 1.4

Better Oracle support (although probably buggy as hell, but keep those reports coming in!), and a re-organisation of code that might make it easier to port to other databases.


Posted by Peter Harris 2002-01-25

f2w helpdesk 1.3.2

Much-improved reporting, thanks largely to Kaspars Cikmacs who sent in a lot of useful enhancements.

Some other user-interface improvements, especially the way request notes are handled.

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-11-13

f2w helpdesk 1.3.0

Tidied up a LOT since 1.2.5. I am less embarassed about the code now. A few nice features added too.

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-10-30

f2w helpdesk 1.2.5

Only small changes and bug-fixes but some of them quite useful (e.g. CSV extract)

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-10-22

Admin Guide for 1.2.4

Just uploaded the administrator guide for version 1.2.4. Link is from the home page.

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-10-11

f2w helpdesk 1.2.4

Some fixes for critical bugs, and some major user-interface improvements, especially category admin, which now shows the hierarchy of categories as a tree.

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-10-04

f2w helpdesk 1.2.3

It's out, and this time there are patches you can use to apply the changes since 1.2.2

Many user-interface improvements and bug-fixes, and a few extra features.

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-08-28

f2w helpdesk 1.2.2 (now with Oracle support)

The latest version of f2w helpdesk should now work OK with Oracle as a back-end too.
You need the 1.2.2 database schema, but if you have an existing PostgreSQL database, you only need to apply the "functions.sql" file, since that's the only change there.
Has 2 new reports and a few bug-fixes also.

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-07-17

f2w Helpdesk 1.2final

Final 1.2 version of f2w helpdesk. Improvements in the user interface and several bug-fixes.
This is the fairly stable result after beta testing and suggestions from various users.

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-06-07

f2w extras 1.2beta3

I am putting any extra scripts that are not necessary for the normal running of the helpdesk, but may be useful or interesting, in a package called "extras".
So far it contains a pycmail script for creating helpdesk requests from incoming e-mail, and a backup script.

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-05-23

f2w helpdesk 1.2beta3

Improved reporting by category, assignee, originator, team, property etc.
Some bug fixes and minor user-interface improvements.

Posted by Peter Harris 2001-04-11