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1945 Fighter Game / News: Recent posts

Fighters 1945 version 2.3.0 released

This version contains dozens of improvements, bugfixes, and features.

* There are more enemies to shoot down, and they are nastier and more triggerhappy than ever!

* Enemies are capable of wielding more firepower! Expect to see some heavily armoed (and armored!) planes in future releases

* A very basic level has been created. Blast your way through a few dozen hostile planes before battling the Boss plane, wielding immense firepower and more armor than you can shake a stick at.... read more

Posted by xEvilReeperx 2007-06-22

Fighters 1945 version 2.2.0143 released

The first public release of Fighters 1945 is now available! This version includes many fixes over earlier versions, such as:

* Numerous bug fixes

* Eliminated memory leaks

* Overhauled sound system; the old API was thrown out and the FMOD sound engine replaced it

* Various code improvements and reorganization

Both the 2.2.0143 binary and source is available. Check out the project's download section.... read more

Posted by xEvilReeperx 2007-06-12