#18 -game command line option?

Mike Brown

I want to run ezquake with one the Quake Mission Pack I. I'm trying to use the command line "ezquake-gl.exe -game hipnotic" but it just starts the normal Quake episodes when I do this, same as always. Is there a way to use ezquake with the mission packs?

(FYI I am submitting this as a support request here because I can't connect to the IRC server; your IRC server requires that I run an ident server, which I can't do due to a firewall.)


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Do you have to use ezQuake for singleplayer? If not look for Darkplaces, very nice for singleplay and supports alot of advanded graphics (but can still look faithful to the original Quake if you want it to) and the missions packs have full support..

  • JohnNy_cz

    JohnNy_cz - 2009-08-30

    Yeah we recommend using other clients for singleplayer mods. Darkplaces or FitzQuake or FTEQW.

  • JohnNy_cz

    JohnNy_cz - 2009-08-30
    • status: open --> closed

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