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eZ Publish Community Project 2011.5 available

Posted by eZ Systems 2011-05-18

New eZ Publish 4.1 brings ease-of-use to powerful Enterprise

eZ Publish 4.1.0 incorporates many new features in its kernel or associated extensions, along a slew of bug fixes and important performance enhancements for both small and large (clustered) sites.

More information here: http://ez.no/developer/news/ez_publish_4_1_0_released

Posted by eZ Systems 2009-03-19

eZ Publish 4.0.1, 3.10.1, and 3.9.5 released

eZ Systems is happy to announce the stable releases of eZ Publish 4.0.1, 3.10.1, and 3.9.5. These releases carry a huge number of fixes (about 310 for 4.0.1) and upgrading is highly recommended. eZ Publish 4.0.1 should be used for all new installations.

Included in these new releases is a dedicated extension to migrate custom URL aliases and URL history elements for existing 4.0.0 and 3.10.0 sites.... read more

Posted by eZ Systems 2008-10-23

eZ Publish 4.0.0 first stable release

We are pleased to announce the first stable releases of eZ Publish 4.0.0 and eZ Flow 1.0. These releases add considerable value to eZ Publish and benefit the entire eZ Ecosystem. eZ Publish 4 signifies our commitment to provide a sustainable platform for delivering Enterprise Content Management Solutions, while eZ Flow enables media companies to engage visitors with rich, dynamic multimedia content, providing an easy-to-use interface for non-technical editors.

Posted by eZ Systems 2007-12-16

New eZ Publish releases include PHP 5 support and the eZ Fin

eZ Systems is aggressively expanding and enhancing its flagship product, eZ Publish, with a new extension, enhanced features and compatibility with PHP 5 - while maintaining a smooth upgrade path for existing eZ Publish sites.

eZ Systems has released an alpha version of eZ Publish 4.0 (which runs on PHP 5), as well as the stable releases of eZ Publish version 3.10 and the new eZ Find search engine (version 1.0).... read more

Posted by eZ Systems 2007-10-30

eZ Publish 4.0alpha2 released

The release of eZ Publish 4.0 marks the commitment of eZ Systems to provide the eZ Ecosystem with a sustainable platform to deliver Enterprise Content Management Solutions. This new series is based on PHP 5 and incorporates various performance enhancements, while maintaining a smooth upgrade path for existing eZ Publish sites. eZ Publish 4.0 contains all the functionality of the 3.10 series.

Posted by eZ Systems 2007-10-25

eZ publish 3.4 stable release

eZ publish is a content management system (CMS) and development framework (CMF). While the CMS is standardized out of the box functionality and solutions, the CMF consists of flexible engines for further customization and extensions. The CMS and CMF are seamlessly integrated in the eZ publish distribution. eZ systems, the creators of eZ publish, has just released eZ publish 3.4.

The major changes to eZ publish 3.4 from 3.3 is the new template compiler which helps increase the performance and reduces memory usage. New functionality makes it possible to export and import content from one site to another. And a new base design helps getting started with new sites.... read more

Posted by eZ Systems 2004-06-18

We have moved

All our eZ publish activity has moved to http://publish.ez.no

Posted by Paul Kenneth Egell-Johnsen 2000-11-23

eZ publish release 1.0.2

Added multiple assignments of articles in categories. Added support for Norwegian Nynorsk

Posted by Bĺrd Farstad 2000-11-13

eZ publish used at zez.org

Since the release of http://publish.ez.no/ last week it has been running the programmer's community site http://zez.org/ - about: code.

Both eZ publish, eZ trade and zez.org has been going the news circuits in Europe lately because they are free projects developed by a commercial entity eZ systems (http://ez.no/) and released under the GPL.

We welcome contributors to the project.

Posted by Paul Kenneth Egell-Johnsen 2000-11-12

eZ publish used at zez.org

Since the release of <a href="http://publish.ez.no/">eZ publish</a> last wekk it has been running the programmer's community site <a href="http://zez.org/">zez.org - about: code</a>.

Posted by Paul Kenneth Egell-Johnsen 2000-11-12

eZ publish release 1.0.1

eZ publish portal building software is now released in version 1.0.1. This release fixes some issues with the 1.0 release. Printer friendly articles was also added.

Posted by Bĺrd Farstad 2000-11-07

Initial release of eZ publish

eZ publish is a software package aimed at on-line portals and newssites. XML and unique technology is used to support your needs for content publishing and design. Download the full package for free at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ezpublish . Support is through http://publish.ez.no .

The ZeZ web site (http://www.zez.org) hosts articles about software development in general and web development and community building in particular. It is running eZ publish.... read more

Posted by Bĺrd Farstad 2000-11-03

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