Knight Captain - 2017-02-24

And much of that hard-coding is based on BG shapes, not SI ones.

Leon's daily Preach schedule doesn't work because it looks for a vertical podium shape that does not exist. SI uses two shapes for podiums V and H, BG used only one for V and H frames. If one does not exist, the scheduled coordinates and facing NPCs should be used for directions.

Waiters should place plates based on the table shape, so fancy plates are not used on plain tables. They also never place bottles. Waiters also don't use bar countertops, but only small tables.

Desk Work doesn't place any items on Desks, but only certain small tables.

If I can help with more documentation of what the originals do versus Exult, or just provide items lists (shape numbers and frames) I would be happy to contribute so you can code what I cannot.

Also, can we get the activity SPECIAL to do something? Like say, use (EVENT == 0xC) Usecode for that NPC, perhaps?