#9 LVM volumes not shown


I got LVM volumes on disks which are not seen by the software.

Attached software log file. Error at the end : «Cannot Parse LVM Metadata :-( »


  • ~TraydenT~

    ~TraydenT~ - 2010-08-10

    Log file

  • Manish Regmi

    Manish Regmi - 2010-08-11

    HI, It looks like the parsing of the LVM metadata failed. I will look into the problem. The LVM configuration can be complex, i have not tested complex ones. I will try to find the problem in the parser.

  • Vlatko Kosturjak

    Same with me. It seems it doesn't work. No error messages, but no files as well:

    Scanning \.\PhysicalDrive0
    index 0 ID 7 size 204800
    index 1 ID 7 size 71475200
    index 2 ID 83 size 585648
    Block size 1024, inp 2040, inodesize 128
    Linux Partition found on disk 0 partition 2
    index 3 ID 8E size 44942544
    LVM Physical Volume found disk 0 partition 3
    === end of log ===

  • Markus Elfring

    Markus Elfring - 2010-11-22

    I'm also curious when the error message "Cannot Parse LVM Metadata :-(" can be resolved for my system.


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