#7 Very large file truncated at 8GB


I've been happily saving files for a few hours. One file is a 32GB archive. Looking at the saved file, it is exactly 8GB (8,594,178,048 bytes) in size. This seems a suspiciously round number for a disk error. Is there a problem saving files larger than 8GB?


  • Manish Regmi

    Manish Regmi - 2010-07-10

    i think its a programming bug. Actually i had never tested file larger than 5 GB. I will try with a larger file and see whats going on. Thanks

  • Manish Regmi

    Manish Regmi - 2010-07-22

    i am unable to reproduce this problem. First i tried with 9 GB file and then 18 GB file. Both working fine with me. So, it not the limitation in program but there might me some sneaky bugs. Try creating another file larger than 8 GB and try copying it.

  • dragomerlin

    dragomerlin - 2010-07-22

    It seems to work. Maybe it was caused because the ubuntu installation crashed due to SQUASHFS errors

  • Mwyann

    Mwyann - 2010-12-18

    I've tested this software with very very large files (more than 100 GB) and all files were copied successfully, under 45 GB approximately (not always the same value). Every bigger file were truncated.

  • Leonidas Vomvoridis

    Same problem, large files (e.g. 15GB) are truncated at 8,594,178,048 bytes
    Ext2Explore 2.1
    Windows XP Pro 32bit SP3
    Trying to save to NTFS partition with >200GB free space
    Note: the ext2 fs has inode size 256

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    Anonymous - 2012-01-28

    I have the same problem with a tar file (44GB). Download stops at 8GB.

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