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ext2fuse 0.8.1, preliminary MacOS support

Minor release:
* Preliminary support for MacOSX, may not work
* For developers, contains Pawel Jakub Dawidek's POSIX file system test suite,
as used in ntfs-3g fuse fs.
* Default mount options have been changed:
No longer does "-o allow_other,silent,nonempty" by default

Posted by Tom Scholl 2008-06-26

Release of ext2 fuse 0.8 which also supports Solaris now

1. Extracted the et and ext2fs libs from the e2fsprogs project and merged them into this project.
2. Used Autotools to build the GNU build system, so it can be built on both Linux and Solaris now, and maybe other platforms too.

Posted by MelonGena 2008-01-25

Release of ext2 fuse 0.7

Fixed several bugs.
And change to use a more convenient usage:
./ext2fuse devicename mountpoint
But it still has bugs, which we'll fix as soon as possible.

Posted by MelonGena 2008-01-15

Release of ext2 fuse 0.5

This is a filesystem in development, so don't put any important data on it (for known bugs, see the release notes). The 0.5 release has no emphasis on speed, so please don't run any benchmarks on it and then deduce that ext2 over fuse has to be that slow.
A more efficient release is forthcoming...

This release supports all system calls, barring a few extra things (extended attributes, really large file support) that most people won't be using anyway.... read more

Posted by Tom Scholl 2007-02-19