#73 Kernel panic: OSX.3, ext2 1.2.1

Crash (44)

Hi, I'm pretty new at OSX, some experience with linux, so I'll probably need plying for correct/useful answers.

My problem is as follows: I have an external (400gb samsung usb) drive formatted as ext2, which obviously works perfectly under linux. As soon as I move it to OSX machine it appears to mount okay, and I can read files fine. After about 5 minutes though I get the gray screen saying I must reboot, kernel panic I assume. After this happens I must fsck the partitions on the drive under linux before they're usable again.

I'll attach the panic.log, I hope I can provide useful info.

Thanks in advance
Paul van der Walt


  • toothbrush2

    toothbrush2 - 2007-05-23

    kernel panic log file

  • Charbucks

    Charbucks - 2008-06-08

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    I just thought I'd say that I've got the same issue - I mounted my ext3 partitiont as read-only, and attemped to add my music folder to iTunes. It worked for a little while, and then the grey reboot screen appeared. I tried this several times, and I could never get it to work quite right.


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