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Inactive project

I have decided that too many changes have gone on, in Expect/Tcl, Python and in my life (esp. with my illness) that I will turn this project inactive. If anyone is interested in continuing with the project, please let me know.

Posted by Michael P. Reilly 2005-04-23

Illness - summer 2001

I've been ill since May 2001. The main symptom is that when I concentrate, I get a powerful headache. This makes working on the project, or analyzing questions from people, quite difficult. My apologies if it takes me a little while to respond.

Posted by Michael P. Reilly 2001-09-08

Author's e-mail address changed

The e-mail address of the author and primary developer has changed to

Posted by Michael P. Reilly 2001-07-19

Beta release of ExpectPy 1.9

After more than a year, I have finally released a beta version of the ExpectPy. It includes support for newer releases of Python, Expect and Tcl. But also with new interfaces for "interact" and "stty". There is also a new form of the HTML documentation. Please check the known bugs in the source distribution.

Posted by Michael P. Reilly 2000-11-05

ExpectPy 1.8.3: compatibility with Python 2.0

This is a patch to fix an incompatibility with Python 2.0's PCRE module (bug#121064).

Posted by Michael P. Reilly 2000-11-02

ExpectPy has moved to SourceForge

I am pleased to announce that I have moved development of the Python extension for the Expect library, ExpectPy, to I hope this allows the package to be greatly improved beyond my limited test/development environments. The project is located at

Posted by Michael P. Reilly 2000-10-13