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ExpCMS / News: Recent posts

New version 0.5.1 stable available to download!

At last I have managed to publish a new version of ExpCMS Content Management System. Now fully object oriented, faster, better modularised. Waiting for user participation ;)

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-12-15

New document - libraries

This documents show the way how libraries are built. Also shows how we shall use them in other libraries or modules.

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-04-28

Preparing new version of ExpCMS

We have redesigned the whole kernel. It is now 100% modularized. In a matter of week we will publish a new version, probably 0.2 of our content management system. Don't even look at current releases, they are just a waste of time. By the way, we'd like to invite you to visit our forums, take a look at what we've got. Also see the docs pages.

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-04-22

Administration for blocks

Administration module for our block system is almost completely done. Editing blocks works fine, deleting and adding blocks isn't currently supported.

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-04-19

Cache class in the way

We know that adodb and smarty have their built in cache capabilities, but we need new variable cacher. That's why I have started to develop a small caching class simply called Cache.

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-04-18

New block system ready

Our new dynamic block system works in 100%. It is simple but effective. Probably not much will be changed in final version, but who knows? :D (btw. we are still looking for developers)

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-04-18

Admin tool in the way

Finally we have started developing administration tool for ExpCMS. Not much functionality is saved but out tool is expanding.

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-04-18

New modules and autorisation system in ExpCMS

Yep, we did it :D Now authorisation in ExpCMS works fine. Well, still much to do, but you can taste a bit :) Enjoy (of course in CVS repository only)!

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-04-03

New ExpCMS v0.13 beta for testing :)

Hi again. I've just published new ExpCMS package file - version 0.13b. Some new features and fixes. Hope you will enjoy this release.

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-03-13

First initial (trashy) cvs module import

I have just imported the expcms module into our cvs repository. So... It has begun :> Wish us luck :D

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-03-08

Finally on

At last... We were given an account to SourceForge. Hope this software will help us making our application better and faster. First we have to learn how does SF work :). We got to prepare the CVS imports, ssh keys etc. I hope you will enjoy our new CMS :>.

Posted by Piotr Usewicz 2003-03-08