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Project moved from CVS to Subversion

We have moved project from CVS to Subversion (SVN), because SVN has some very usefull features which include atom commits, properties like external repositories.

Posted by Dmitriy Poltaryonok 2006-08-19

New Begining

We now have new addtional developers and the development of the project I hope will now be movin along fine.
As of now we will be using Visual C++ 6 and I hope this new start is long lasting.


Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-12-01

Project Development Delayed

Well, I'm very sorry but I had to delay the project developemnt because of works from my clients and also another project that I'm involved in.... I will resume the project after all this is done. I will also be starting a new dev, a new look based on another project and also be using Visual Studio instead of Dev C++

Thanks very much for your patience...

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-07-12

CVS Working!

During my first trials of the CVS to see if it will work and it didn't I gave up on it and uninstalled the program. A few days ago I decided to try it again and I didn't really know if it worked, but yes it does. The CVS is now working and we are taking use of it. Developers or anyone can now download the source files from the CVS as easy as a,b,c. They will be updated as soon as we make changes to them, but for now the project is on stand-by because I have to many stuffs to do like starting on my site and also school, and house work. I hope to start on it again by the end of this month, but I don't know. Keshav should be working on it as soon as he is ready also.

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-04-10

EXPAD Plugin Development

The EXPAD Plugins are a small part of the EXPAD application that gives you more features and or implementation. Though plans for the plugins are still in a development to-do we were able to complete one for the next development beta release. The plugin is the Windows Registry Key for EXPAD that allows you to make EXPAD the default editor for .txt files and so on. It also gives it EXPAD's icon. More features are also done but we don't have time to explain. More information can be found in the Develoment Beta 0.4 Release or the source code release. The source code for the plugin is also available with Development Beta 0.4's source codes. We are hoping for some developers to at least sign up for this also. For more information contact expad@empirex.net.

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-04-04


Today marks the date of the Development Beta 0.4. After the release of 0.3 I have been quick to work, doing some changes and fixes on the application. The source code is also available for download and it is 10x better than 0.3's source code or application. Though most of the things we want to implement is not yet implemented, we hope it will be the Full release. The Development Beta 0.4 has some new things added to it and some new changes. Plans on the EXPAD Plugins can also be found in EXPAD PLUGIN.TXT. We are still looking for developers to help out with the development of the program. A new plugin was made but not released, and that was the EXPAD's Registry Key...in most cases you will be seeing things of such in the future but for now it is still in a development to-do stage. Read more about it in the news posts.

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-04-03


After still working on the program, I decided to update the Development Beta to 0.4. The codes has also been re-edited for better compilation and everything looks good. I'm still trying to get the CVS working and also get everything set up. The updates might take place this Saturday or net week Monday. Hope you developers like the new codes because they are cool....

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-03-30


Well as we said, we have finally released the Development Beta today. This is the first Development Beta and we now it isn't much but the main idea is to get more opinions from you, the public. The source code is also available for free and everything is GNU protected. Feel free to use them all but please give credit. We are still looking for about 3 more developers to join in and if you are interested please send an email to dev@empirex.net. The next due release is anytime. Can be tomorrow or next month but the next full release will be on the opening of http://www.empirex.net. To give the developers a info before they donload the source code, it was developed using Dev C++ from BloodShed and it is a great tool. More information will be posted later on. Also check the notes on the release for more information and our log. Thanks again and happy easter in advance.... :)

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-03-27

Updates and Fixes

Well the Development Beta 0.3 will be release tomorrow and everything is set. Hope you all like it as I said earlier or in the log. The Development Beta 0.3 will not have the Print function working or the Page Setup working. They will be working when the Full Final release come out, or we may just make a patch for it when we get it working. If anyone will like to join the team please feel free too. More features will be added to the next release and we hope that you like it. The Development Beta also only support "all-files" and ".txt" because we didn't fell the need to make more file support to it yet. Well thanks again and hope you like it.

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-03-26

Development Beta Release 0.3

Well the new due date for the Development Beta is set to be this Saturday and we hope everything works well. A new member as also joined the team and his name is Keshav Prasad. He will also be helping with the project. The Development Beta won't be that much of a big deal but the full release will. Make sure you check it out. More news will be posted tomorrow. Thanks.

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-03-25

Development Beta 0.3 Build 13

Well yesterday we completed the 13th build of the Development Beta and it was a success. The Redo function was added and the Development log was removed from the application itself and placed in a Text fFile Log. Everything is now in place for the release except for the features that we are still trying to implement. It is also installation free and moveable to any drive, folder or computer. It is about 200KB and also faster to load. Has XP Compatibility but we are also looking for someone to help us design some cool icons. More Updates will be posted later on tonight after the 15th build.

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-03-23

EXPAD "The Creation"

The notepad formally called Noen Notepad has been renamed and now has its place on sourceforge. The name EXPAD meaning Empire X Pad has now been made better and more efficient.The next due release is set to be on the release date of our main site at http://www.empirex.net and the release will be a Development Beta release to test it. As though we are still looking for new Developers to help with the development of the notepad and we hope that anyone who knows anything that we can apply to the notepad, in C++ since it is coded in Dev C++ should please send an email to us at dev@empirex.net. The development beta will not include any type of special feature but just a plain notepad with small text. The netx full release will have everything you need, like a font changer, color chnager and so on. The 3rd full release is set to have a code highlighter and also support tons more programming language. Although that will be a long way from now we are still anticipating the release of the development beta. With help from other C++ coders and developers we are sure that by the 3rd release the name will stand for it self and also it will have all the features in which we have hoped for.

Posted by Olajide Olaolorun 2004-03-23

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