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Ex-Crawler Server 0.1.6 released

Ex-Crawler server 0.1.6 released. Improved crawling speed, complete database rework, PDF crawling, Filters, Language & better encoding detection, better mime detection, commons daemon and much more. See Changelog for details: http://bit.ly/9jZZGe

Posted by Yves Hoppe 2010-06-10

First Pre-Alpha Source

Uploaded the first files. Many core features and the (web) frontend are missing and it's a bit unstable after a while running (seams i forgot to close something).

But it should run stable, at least some hours. You have to set up MySQL Database correctly -> edit the configuration file "crawler.conf" and create tables -> using sql.txt (e.g. with phpadmin) and change the default user (password!) or create a new user in table users with access level 9 (highest, can do everything).... read more

Posted by Yves Hoppe 2010-03-02