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I need a little help understanding the problem. I don't see
how an empty message gets translate into a "t" as bas64 output.

In the EVMS HA plug-in, the call to binary_to_base64() in
frag_send_msg() (plugins/ha/ecefrag.c:247) for a NULL
message should result in binary_to_base64(NULL, 0,
[ptr-to-output-buffer], 1);

Looking at binary_to_base64() in
heartbeat-1.2.0/lib/clplumbing/base64.c:28 it will handle a
0 for the number of input bytes, skipping over the loop for
translating bytes. It will then stick an EOS in the first
position of the output buffer, resulting in the ouput buffer
containing an empty string, not a "t".

Do you have more details on how the output buffer for an
empty message gets encoded as a "t"? I can't see it in the
code. I don't get the segfault that you describe on my test
machines, so I can't reproduce the problem.