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1.06 released.

On all changelogs from now on, I'm going to try to make a point of mentioning the files that have been modified in that release.

Changes in 1.06:
New features
- Tested with EvilLyrics 0.1.7 build 137
- If no lyrics have been posted in the last 24 hours, a user-defined number of songs is displayed instead. (components/recentlyrics.php)
- Added option to admin.php to select number of songs to display. (admin.php)
- Fixed links for search/browse pages (search.php)
- Fixed bug where past hour of recent lyrics would display without any items in it (components/recentlyrics.php)

Posted by AVB100 2005-02-27


1.05 Released

Changes in 1.05:
New features
- Supresses errors when album art is down
- Fixed bug with recent lyrics list
- Updated to work with new Amazon formatting

Posted by AVB100 2005-02-15


1.04 released

Changes in 1.04:
New features
- Works with EvilLyrics 0.1.7 build 136
- Recent lyrics behavior modified
- New layout and style available (by Jayphen)
- Coded to protect from null lyrics posted by build 136 of EvilLyrics
- Added option to not post lyrics if they haven't been passed through an EvilLyrics filter
- Album name will be displayed in "Now Playing" cell if it has been found
- Timestamp now stored as an integer, instead of mktime() with parameters, possible fix to some date-related problems
- Rare bug fixed where album art would return text in addition to image
- Now "Previously Played" songs are verified, otherwise current song will be displayed
- Potential minor security threat patched (Coding tags are now stripped, and special HTML characters encoded in posted lyrics)
- Fixed the conditions under which "No Lyrics" is displayed
- Fixed bug where lyrics may not post if album art is not found

Posted by AVB100 2005-02-09


Changes in 1.03:
New features
- Search feature no longer case sensitive
- Search by artist or title
- Now displays the message: 'No lyrics' if there are no lyrics for the current song
- Fixed recently played list (Past hour is now accurate)
- Now, only options that cannot be changed in the admin panel are set through the readme/runonce.php
- Default time format now: [Last played] at 12:00pm on Sunday, January 1st 2005

Posted by AVB100 2005-02-02

1.02 Released

Changes in 1.02:
New features
- Implemented a basic search system
- Creation of new layouts supported
- CSS stylesheets can now be created to customize page
- Split control of file management and preferences to two pages
- Several bugs fixed

Posted by AVB100 2005-01-30


Changes in 1.01:
New features
- Album art image size can now be controlled in admin panel
- Time zone can be adjusted in admin panel
- Admin options only visible through '/index.php?admin' or directly accessing 'admin.php'

Posted by AVB100 2005-01-29

First Release

EvilPoster v1.00 is now available for download!

This marks the first public release version of EvilPoster. Enjoy, and be sure to give me plenty of feedback, so I know what bugs need to be fixed, what features to add, etc.

Please try out the Tracker system, or if you have trouble posting there, I can be reached directly at AVB100@Hotmail.com

Posted by AVB100 2005-01-26


Partly because I wanted to have a Sourceforge project, and partly because I wanted a good format and layout to manage my development of EvilPoster, I've created this project. Releases coming soon

Posted by AVB100 2005-01-25