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Evi Dicom 0.05 Coming Soon

The new version sports a more robust dot descendant notation of DICOM files so you can select objects by DicomFile.DicomName. See evildicom.rexcardan.com/getting-started for more info.

Posted by Rex Cardan, PhD 2011-08-29

Evil Dicom new project page

The project page for evil dicom has changed to http://evildicom.rexcardan.com

Posted by Rex Cardan, PhD 2011-08-29

Upcoming 0.03 Release

The new 0.03 release will store images (and dose files) in a new way that allows for easy convolution by cubic or square kernels.
The convolve method will be introduced, and several kernels will be built in.

Posted by Rex Cardan, PhD 2011-03-15